How Businesses’ Waste Management Policies Affect the Environment

by Global Trash Solutions

Companies don’t just develop proper waste management policies in order to save themselves money and increase efficiency. Another equally important reason for maintaining good waste management procedures is the impact it can have on the environment.

When commercial waste isn’t disposed of properly, it can damage natural ecosystems, kill or maim wildlife, and cause harmful pollution to enter the atmosphere. Proper waste disposal is the responsibility of every business, and something that waste management consultants are happy to help businesses achieve.

Waste management environmental impact

The Impact of Poor Waste Management

Some of the examples of the negative impact of poor or improper waste management include:

  • Surface water contamination: When garbage, chemicals, and other waste ends up in oceans or rivers, it contaminates the water, often so much that it changes its chemical composition. Polluted water can harm animals, plants, and humans, as well as enter the soil, causing additional damage.
  • Air pollution: Solid and liquid waste isn’t the only kind of pollution that needs to be worried about. Poor waste management can also lead to air pollution, which not only damages the environment, but can also cause respiratory conditions in humans, such as asthma.
  • Disease and hygiene concerns: Improper waste management can cause health hazards and increase the likelihood of disease outbreaks. When people live near improperly maintained landfills or disposal sites, or in areas that have been affected by pollution or improper dumping, the health of the whole community can suffer.


How Businesses Can Help

Every year, American businesses produce millions of pounds of waste, from discarded paper to broken electronics. As such, it is important that companies do their part to properly manage and dispose of the garbage and waste they produce.

  • Recycling: One of the easiest things businesses can do to help with waste management is to recycle their reusable waste. Not only does recycling keep waste out of landfills, it also lets much of the waste they produce get reused or repurposed.
  • Proper electronics disposal: Many electronic devices – even something as small as batteries and cell phones – are made from harmful materials that can cause damage to the environment. Businesses should make sure to dispose of their electronics through a proper electronic waste disposal service.

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