Should Your Business Hire a Waste Consultant?

by Global Trash Solutions

Waste and recycling services present a unique challenge to business owners who are tasked with minimizing overhead costs and maximizing profits. Every business must pay for solid waste disposal and recycling services, but finding the most cost-effective solution is a daunting project, especially for those who do not specialize in waste disposal.

Does Your Company Need a Waste Management Consultant?

Business owners that are looking for cost savings and efficiencies in waste management can benefit from hiring a waste consultant. Professional waste management consultants have the networks and expertise to help your business boost the bottom line and comply with local green initiatives.

What Are the Benefits of Partnering with a Commercial Waste Consultant?

Why get a waste consultant on your side? There are many benefits of utilizing solid waste consultants when seeking to lower commercial waste management costs, including:

  • The ability to focus on your business management plans knowing your waste disposal is being handled properly
  • Available site surveys and waste audits at each location to analyze your waste stream and identify opportunities for cost savings
  • The opportunity to save an average of 35% on disposal costs versus companies who do not work with a consulting service or waste broker
  • Consolidating the operational burden of dealing with multiple trash haulers at various locations, each with its own local and state requirements
  • Improving the separation and diversion of valuable recyclable materials to keep landfill fees to a minimum and locate markets for clean recyclables
  • Building or maintaining your reputation as a “green” and eco-friendly business and staying in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations
  • Preserving local resources with changes that reduce the volume of waste you produce while saving money for your business

When You Are Ready to Talk Commercial Trash

Blue container truck for garbage collection

Talking trash can be a good thing. Every month, more and more companies are entrusting their waste management plans and vendor management needs to Global Trash Solutions (GTS). We are the nation’s fastest growing waste and recycling consulting firm and have spent many years studying the waste and recycling industry and markets.

As an industry leader for commercial, industrial, manufacturing, and food service waste management, we specialize in zero waste initiatives, mixed paper, plastic, organic, and corrugated cardboard recycling solutions. We have the experts in waste handling, recycling, and sustainability efforts that you need to guide your process improvements and compliance efforts. We also provide industrial and commercial trash compactors, recycling balers, service, and repair.

Global Trash Solutions helps small businesses owners and nationwide organizations to find cost savings and improve their processes with technology, consulting, and experienced waste brokers to negotiate on your behalf. Please contact us today at 866-760-8194 for a free evaluation of your waste and recycling processes from a professional waste management consultant at GTS.

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