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Why Hire a Waste Consultant?

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Why Hire a Waste Consultant? A waste consultant is an independent party or company not affiliated with any trash hauler that consults with businesses to help them streamline their waste processes and reduce waste expenses. With over 500 affiliates, the largest network of waste consultants in the US is Environmental Waste Solutions, a company out of Tampa that was founded by Darwyn Williams. Environmental Waste Solutions teaches individuals and companies how to identify and implement savings opportunities for potential clients. EWS affiliates usually offer a shared savings program that requires no up-front investment and is totally performance-based.

There are many benefits that come along with hiring a waste consultant. One benefit is that a company can focus on its core competencies and trust that its waste processes are being handled correctly. Waste consultants offer many different services and can perform site surveys at individual locations to help determine the best available options for cost-effective service. On average, businesses that outsource their waste processes to a consultant pay about 35% less than their neighbors who try to handle the garbage on their own. Another benefit is that the time spent on handling service issues can be spent on other things. Waste consultants act as a one-stop, one-call to anything garbage-related at any of their client’s locations.

It is important for a company to do research as all consultants are not created equal. Global Trash Solutions has experience in most major markets throughout the United States and we are extremely knowledgeable not only about negotiating the lowest rates available, but also about the highest quality vendors and equipment. We take a strategic approach and always go above and beyond for our clients, giving each individual client and manager the time and attention they need. Please check out our testimonial page to hear firsthand about our success.