Health Care Facilities and Waste Reduction

by Global Trash Solutions

Health care facilities are looking for ways to reduce the amount of regulated medical waste they produce, stay compliant with federal, state, and local regulations, and reach their own sustainability goals. By leveraging industry experts from Global Trash Solutions, health care facilities can often reduce their costs while improving their waste management planning and practices.

Protecting public health is paramount, while reducing infectious waste produced and disposing of all types of waste in a safe and compliant manner is also essential to the healthcare industry. How well is your facility doing when it comes to managing regulated medical waste, hazardous waste, and your budget? When you are striving to create a realistic waste management plan for your facility, a waste audit and consultation with GTS experts can give you accurate information and viable options for your hospital, clinic, lab, veterinarian, or dentist office.

Learn more about proper biohazard disposal, regulated medical waste, and how important waste reduction can be from Global Trash Solutions.

Health Care Facilities and Waste Reduction Infographic

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