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GTS2000 – The World’s Best Indoor Trash Compactor

Global Trash Solutions (GTS), incorporated in 2008, is now a leader in compactor production with products like the GTS2000. This revolutionary machine is known as the world’s best indoor trash compactor, but it is not the company’s first product. The company initially produced the GTS1000 compactor, targeting QSRs (quick serve restaurants) like McDonald’s. According to Peter Spano, the company’s founder, “We realized right away that we had a great business concept on our hands. The way waste haulers charge is by volume of trash produced, not weight, but size. We knew if we could reduce the size of the trash produced, we could reduce the number of pick-ups, and, therefore, reduce the price for our clients.”

After a year of being a reseller and distributor of the GTS1000, Peter and his team decided to design and manufacture the GTS2000. Partnering with Massachusetts-based Detector Technologies, the team of visionaries and engineers locked themselves in a room with whiteboards and pizza, brainstorming and adding features that improved the overall quality and performance of the machine. They also thoroughly addressed industry safety and efficiency concerns. The result was the GTS2000 compactor, now known as the world’s best indoor trash compactor.GTS2000 Indoor Trash Compactor
Why is the GTS2000 known as the world’s best indoor trash compactor? This state-of-the-art machine can reduce waste hauling costs by 60% or more by compacting 20 bags of trash into 1. This saves clients both trash space and hauling costs. In addition, each machine comes equipped with a control panel that requires a start code for operation, ensuring only authorized users can operate it. Along with these great features, this state-of-the-art compactor is completely manufactured, bolt-by-bolt, in the USA by the GTS team. Instead of simply being resellers and distributors, GTS manufactures, sells, installs, and services the best waste equipment in the world. When clients purchase a GTS compactor, a service expert will arrive onsite to train staff to safely operate the machine and get the most out of its features. GTS master technicians take great care and pride in manufacturing each unit individually, while also servicing and maintaining them for optimum results. Sales of the GTS2000 have been so good that the company is gearing up to launch a fleet of service vehicles that will service both GTS compactors as well as all other makes and models.
Along with creating and manufacturing money-saving compactors, the GTS team can also negotiate waste hauling costs directly with trash and recycling haulers, saving clients both time and money. GTS products and services reach beyond individual clients, impacting the world as a greener waste solution. Smaller trash loads mean fewer trucks on the roads and less waste in landfills. If you are interested in saving trash space, hauling costs, and even helping the environment, contact the experts at GTS about their wide range of services and products, including the world’s best indoor trash compactor. Call us at (866) 760-8194, send us an email to today.