How Do the GTS X-Press Pack and Vertical Compactors Reduce the Trash Burden?

by Global Trash Solutions

As your business grows, customers or orders begin to pour in, and your success generates more of everything. One of the less desirable things you may suddenly have more of is garbage. Trash and recycling can start piling up before pickup day, and this growing problem only gets bigger.

How can you compress these problems down to a manageable size and squeeze the most out of your waste management budget? Many businesses benefit from one of the vertical garbage compactors we offer such as the GTS X-Press Pack, GTS CV series, and GTS VCH series. These heavy-duty trash compactors use the most up-to-date technology to reduce volume of trash and the frequency of pickup service.

Which of these best-rated trash compactors is right for your retail space, grocery store, or manufacturing plant?


The X-Press Pack

An economical self-contained option, the X-Press vertical garbage compactor is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. It saves space and eliminates the mess of using several front load trash containers, while reducing spills, leaks, and odors. This model reduces trash volume by 4:1, and loads from the floor, loading dock, or through a wall chute.

Businesses that commonly choose the X-press include:

  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Small manufacturing companies

The GTS CV and VCH Vertical Trash Compactors

vertical compactors

These larger vertical compactors are also liquid-tight and loadable from the floor, loading dock, or chute system, depending on the model. Highly customizable, these units can grow with your business and meet the specialized loading needs of your facility. With a twin cylinder downstroke design, these vertical trash compactors compress trash volume by as much as 15:1. Models are available for indoor or outdoor use, and to fit compact spaces.

Industries and businesses that prefer a larger vertical compactor are:

  • Hotels and cruise ships
  • Medium to large manufacturing facilities
  • Restaurants and larger grocery stores
  • Dormitories, apartment complexes, and senior living centers

Selecting a Commercial Garbage Compactor Shouldn’t Be Guesswork

While a trash compactor can be a money-saving investment for your organization, choosing the wrong model can be an expensive mistake. There is no need to make this purchase without expert guidance. Many businesses take advantage of a free consultation with the experts at Global Trash Solutions (GTS). We use “root cause analysis” to determine the exact cause of our client’s waste stream issues.

We know the questions to ask and the steps to take to get your trash service running smoothly and efficiently, from affordable financing on equipment to vendor contracts for recycling and garbage hauling. Let our nationwide network get the trash burden off your back. Call or contact us today to find industrial compactors for sale and manage the mess of success more effectively.

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