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How Do the GTS X-Press Pack and Vertical Compactors Reduce the Trash Burden?

Global-Trash-Solutions-Consulting-300x199Are you a business owner who has spent more time than you would have liked dealing with garbage-related issues? Have you received calls from your facilities managers or store managers on more than one occasion reporting that your trash is overflowing, there are bags everywhere, or, worse yet, that someone has spotted a rat scurrying about your facility? Is the cost for sanitation service putting a strain on your budget? Do you have multiple dumpsters on site that always seem to fill up before your scheduled service day?

Most businesses that generate a large enough volume of garbage to warrant the above problems may consider them good problems to have, as too much garbage can usually be correlated with a high volume of sales. However, high sales or not, the trash problem has become a real obstacle for business owners across the nation, sometimes even prompting visits from the local health department, or costing points on an inspection.

Each month, more business owners are accepting help from Global Trash Solutions (GTS.) We use “root cause analysis” to determine the exact cause of our client’s trash problems. We know the questions to ask and the steps to take to get your businesses trash service running smoothly and efficiently, because we have done the same for close to 2,300 other commercial properties.

Many businesses that we consult for benefit from one of the outdoor compactor units we offer such as the GTS X-Press Pack, GTS CV series, and GTS VCH series. These compactors use the most up to date technology to reduce the frequency of service to a fraction of what it once was (usually 1/3 or 1/4, to be more exact.) This generally reduces the expense for service by roughly 50%-60%. When these compactors are utilized, the trash is neatly contained within the dumpster, so there is no more health department, rats, stench, or scavengers to worry about, (be they bear, raccoon, or human – all of which have been real problems for our clients.) We offer customized solutions such as deodorizers, oil heaters, and pressure gauges to meet every one of our client’s specific needs. If you cannot escape from the pile of trash at your business, please call us so we can help you out.


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