GTS Fleet Expansion

by Global Trash Solutions

Global Trash Solutions (GTS) is pleased to announce that we are adding to our fleet of service vehicles. With this new addition, GTS is now able to offer Florida customers around the clock service for the GTS2000 compactor, as well as other manufacturers’ compactors. Our certified and trained technicians will fix compactors on site anywhere in Florida, the same day. We can fix any type of compactor issue, including common problems like electrical and hydraulic work. Being experts on a wide range of compactors, GTS technicians can repair common electrical problems, such as control panel issues, and hydraulic work, including replacing cylinders, pumps, and hoses. Whether welding or motor replacement or repair is needed, our skilled technicians can handle it. We will thoroughly troubleshoot the problem the same day you call and repair the issue as quickly as possible.

A History of Stellar Service

Our network of skilled technicians at GTS have the experience and know-how that our customers have come to expect and need. With over 30 years of experience in both construction and manufacturing, you can benefit from our technicians’ extensive skill sets.

When we get a call about a repair or service need for our GTS2000 compactor or other manufacturer compactor, we send the right technician for the job at a time that is convenient for our customer. Each technician has the knowledge and skills to make any needed repairs or service, or offer solutions for replacements. All issues are resolved within a three-day time period, with an individual report provided to each customer that includes recommendations for future replacements or services. We ensure that our customers’ equipment continues to operate efficiently and effectively.

We service both large and small companies, including many quick serve restaurants like Dunkin Donuts, IHop, Starbucks, Chipotle, Subway, Panera, McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s. We have also branched out to include other types of businesses, like Macy’s, Marriott, Family Dollar, and Neiman Marcus. No other company can provide customers this level of service.

Service to Meet All Customer Needs

With the addition to our fleet, our nationwide network of experienced service technicians are immediately dispatched to troubleshoot and begin making repairs or service machines within 24 hours. Not only do our technicians arrive faster than other services, but they are skilled, always bringing the right tools and knowledge to get your compactor running smoothly once more.

With highly trained and experienced technicians, GTS is an industry leader in waste equipment repair. We can service any make or model in compactors quickly and effectively. If you need a service or troubleshooting and repair, be sure to call us at (866) 760-8194. With the addition to our fleet, all Florida customers will now receive same day, on site assistance with any repair or service.

For more information on Global Trash Solutions, send an email to or visit our website at

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