Global Trash Solutions Generates Significant Cost Savings for Burger King Franchisee

by Global Trash Solutions

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Lake Park, FL –-In the fast food industry where cutting expenses is paramount, Global Trash Solutions announced today that it has generated $3,300 in average monthly savings for FOR Norwest LLC as a result of their waste management consulting services.

FOR Norwest, who owns and operates 37 Burger Kings in Washington and Alaska, enrolled with Global Trash Solutions in mid-October 2013 after the Company provided them with a comprehensive consultation and potential savings report. In less than two weeks, FOR Norwest’s waste and recycling expenses had dropped dramatically.

“I have to say that I was skeptical when other people had approached me about this type of program in the past,” admitted Mark Escamilla, Managing Owner and COO of FOR Northwest. “Ultimately, we decided based on the other clients Global Trash Solutions has worked with in the past to at least listen to the program. From there, it’s gone fairly seamless for us and we were able to achieve a very high level of savings.”

Global Trash Solutions currently manages the waste and recycling for 2,300 fast food restaurants nationwide. As a result, the GTS level of industry expertise allows GTS to consistently and accurately determine and negotiate fair profit margins with all haulers large and small throughout the US.  In addition, they are able custom-tailor the most cost efficient solution for each individual client location.

“In this industry in particular, you’re dealing with a lot of different [waste and recycling] companies even though you’re in a fairly tight geography,” said Escamilla. “You’re used to seeing a wide range of fees that are pretty different from one municipality to another- much less adding the complexity of a city like Seattle. Clearly there was money being left on the table, but we didn’t have the time to attack the problem.”

Global Trash Solutions’ Sales Manager George Scherzer knows the situation very well.

“These trash haulers can hit clients willy-nilly with increases that the fast food owner is too busy to track.  Many times he doesn’t know what he’s paying for or what he’s contracting for,” said Scherzer. “By subbing it out to us they know on a month-to-month basis that we’re looking for the nickels. We’re pouring over their contracts and their invoices as they come in. There’s piece of mind when they’ve hired an expert.”

In FOR Northwest’s case, that expertise has generated what fast food franchisees desire most- savings.

“I’m really happy with what’s happening,” remarked Escamilla. “We’re looking forward to continued savings in our trash removal services.”

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