GTS Is Committed to Environmental Waste Management

by Global Trash Solutions

Global Trash Solutions (GTS) has a company goal to reach “zero waste” emission. At our corporate office, we reduce, reuse, and eliminate on a daily basis. We also extend this philosophy to our customers.

Since Global Trash Solutions entered the industry in 2008, we have been a powerful force for environmental waste management. Using our expertise and network of innovative waste management resources, we are committed to reducing the impact of trash and industrial wastes on the environment.

This is more than a goal, it is an integral part of how we conduct business each and every day. Our mission is to provide environmental waste management tools for business, combined with the best waste management practices available to empower our communities in protecting the earth we share.

Global Trash Solutions (GTS)

Facing the Problem at the Source

The problem of misdirected waste is a serious one we must all face together. Studies have shown that of the more than 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic waste produced, only 9% is recycled.1 Cardboard, metal, paper, wood, and organic materials that could be reclaimed and reused continue to make their way into landfills—or worse, into rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans.

When trash is not disposed of properly, there are serious consequences to human health and the environment. At GTS, we work every day to reduce solid waste production, protect the environment, stop this wasteful flow of lost recycling, and redirect these resources back into the economy.

Protecting Wildlife and Future Generations

Garbage in the environment causes serious harm to people and animals. Despite good intentions, many businesses and homes do not have the right tools in place to limit or prevent litter from escaping. Some of the dangers we face together include:

  • Plastic trash contaminating ocean and water habitats is a growing problem
  • Persistent chemicals and toxins released from garbage accumulate in plants and animals
  • Animals who consume indigestible garbage may starve, choke, or become entangled
  • Habitat reduction due to contamination puts endangered species at greater risk
  • Contaminated water and food supplies threaten human health and safety2

Becoming a Zero-Emission Waste Management Company

Global Trash Solutions has a company goal to reach “zero waste” emission. At our corporate office, we reduce, reuse, and eliminate on a daily basis. We have set goals to move toward solar power, electric cars for company officers, increasing recycling efforts, and even creating a compost pile outside our headquarters.

We also extend this philosophy to the services we offer our customers. One way we help our clients reduce their environmental impact is by analyzing their waste processes to determine what can be eliminated. For example, we encourage our retail clients to reduce waste through the elimination of Styrofoam cups or packing materials and help them find greener alternatives.

Creating a Sustainable Future Together

At GTS, we have a saying “Don’t Waste Another Moment.” Every day we work with people all over the world to provide solutions promoting better environmental waste management for businesses. Through a waste stream audit and analysis of your waste production, we can offer solutions to drastically reduce the amount of solid waste your business produces.

We have helped major waste-producing companies like McDonald’s, Panera, Starbucks, and Chipotle meet their green goals by reducing waste generation, diverting all recyclables to viable local programs, and compacting their remaining garbage to lessen the load on local landfills. With the right hazardous waste management equipment and processes in place, we help our clients keep industrial wastes and even radioactive waste out of the environment.

Green Waste Management for Business

We take seriously our obligation to make the world and the communities we live in better each and every day. If we can help your large or small business achieve your environmental goals, contact us today for a free analysis of your waste stream to partner with us for an even more beautiful future together through better waste management solutions.



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