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What is a Garbage Consultant and Why Do I Need One?

ID-100203025What is a Garbage Consultant? In today’s economy, many businesses are looking for creative ways to lower their operating costs and figure out how to do more with less. One line item on a business’s P&L statement that is often overlooked is the cost to remove garbage from the premises. Many business owners think of garbage removal as a fixed utility like gas or electricity. Little do they know that by hiring a garbage consultant, they can potentially add thousands of dollars per year back to their bottom line. A garbage consultant is just like any other consultant – they are experts in the field of garbage and recycling. It is very easy to end up overpaying for garbage without realizing it, which is why a garbage consultant is essential in keeping operating costs low for businesses that generate large volumes of garbage. A garbage consultant is a business or individual that offers expert advice on how to handle garbage and recycling processes.

Generally a garbage consultant is involved in helping companies implement recycling initiatives, negotiating garbage hauling contracts, reviewing past invoices for billing errors and obtaining credits for overcharges, and assisting companies with resolving any and all service issues that relate to garbage and recycling. A garbage consultant can save a company time by becoming a one-call resource for anything garbage-related at any of its locations. Rather than having to look up who the garbage hauler is for a specific store, the owner or general manager can simply call the garbage consultant and trust that the issue will be resolved.

A garbage consultant is necessary for a business to make sure it is always getting the lowest possible rates for garbage and recycling service. Most businesses are concerned with their core competency – delivering the quality product or service they are known for. Hiring a garbage consultant saves companies time and money by allowing them to focus on their core competency while allowing the garbage consultant to focus on theirs. Unless a company has someone on staff that used to work for a garbage company to make sure the garbage costs stay low every month, a garbage consultant is a worthwhile investment for any company looking to contain garbage costs.





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