What Is a Waste Consultant and Why Do You Need One?

by Global Trash Solutions

In today’s economy, many businesses are looking for creative ways to lower their operating costs and figure out how to do more with less. One line item on a business’s P&L statement that is often overlooked is the cost to remove garbage from the premises.

We may think of garbage removal as a fixed utility like gas or electricity, especially when businesses and commercial facilities are required to choose one of a very short list of approved local trash haulers. By working with solid waste consultants, you can potentially add thousands of dollars per year back to your bottom line.

So, what is a waste consultant, and how can they help your business or commercial property group lower solid waste disposal fees and reduce or reclaim recycling costs?

What Is a Garbage Consultant?

A garbage consultant guides companies in implementing recycling initiatives, negotiates garbage hauling contracts, reviews past invoices for billing errors, obtains credits for overcharges, and assists with resolving all service issues that relate to garbage and recycling. A garbage consultant can save a company time by becoming a one-call resource for anything garbage-related at any of its locations.

Your waste consultant will make sure your organization gets the lowest possible rates for garbage and recycling service. Hiring a consultant saves companies time and money by allowing managers and owners to focus on their core competency while knowing their expert team of waste management consultants is taking care of this necessary operational challenge.

How Can a Waste Management Consultant Lower Garbage Hauling Costs?

Many states and localities now require commercial properties to use a specific garbage hauler, or to choose from a very short list of two or three approved haulers in their area. However, there are almost always ways to lower costs and even recover some value from properly sorted and stored recyclable materials.

Here are some ways solid waste consultants improve efficiency and lower costs:

Dumpster, recycle waste and garbage bins near new construction site

  • Representing your interests, and having no other obligation but to make sure you receive the best possible service for the least possible investment
  • Analyzing your waste stream and improving sorting, compacting, and baling of recyclables to lower landfill costs and reclaim materials with resale value
  • Eliminating standard plans which overcharge based on inflated expected volumes of solid waste and additional fees for recycling pickup or processing
  • Reducing the environmental impact of commercial waste management and enhancing your green business initiatives

Ensuring compliance with regulations that may require your business to work toward zero waste initiatives and protecting against fines for improper disposal practices

Reducing Waste, Reducing Costs, and Reducing Headaches

Global Trash Solutions has experience in most major markets throughout the United States and we are extremely knowledgeable not only about negotiating the lowest rates available, but also about the highest quality vendors and equipment. We take a strategic approach and always go above and beyond for our clients, giving each individual client and manager the time and attention, they need.

Please check out our testimonial page to hear firsthand about our success, and then contact us today to bring our expertise in waste management solutions to bear on the high costs of commercial garbage disposal.

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