Five Things That Set a Great Waste Management Consultant Apart

by Global Trash Solutions

You have a wide array of options when it comes to solutions to waste management for your business or commercial properties. You could take the traditional approach and attempt to manage everything yourself.

While some people choose this path, they are often surprised to discover there are many ways to cut waste management costs with the assistance of a great waste management consultant. Yet, what separates a great consultant from a good one? That would be the questions you ask and the answers you receive—like the following five questions and answers.

1. How Does Your Waste Management Audit Process Work?

All waste consultants should conduct an audit of your current waste management processes. However, the details put into the audit and the time spent are what separate a good consultant from a great one.

A great consultant will take the added time to uncover every possible option to help reduce your waste management costs. They will review your current equipment and waste hauling contracts and compare your current situation to your actual needs. Great consultants will also review your invoices and frequency of waste pickups and what recycling could benefit your business.

Once the audit is complete, a great consultant takes the time to share their results. They will schedule a consultation to go over the results and point out where potential savings are hiding, to help optimize maximum cost reduction.

2. Do You Provide Ongoing Waste Consulting Services?

This is another area that will differ between good and great consultants. Good consultants will typically stop after finding some savings and consider their service complete. Great consultants, on the other hand, will continue to review your processes and look for even more savings. They also help take care of any issues that may arise, by providing ongoing support.

3. Who Do We Pay for Waste Hauling Services?

You will pay for your waste hauling services whether you have a good or a great consultant, although a great consultant will take the time to help negotiate the best terms and rates for your wasting-hauling services. They are also happy to review contracts regularly to ensure they are in line with your invoicing.

4. Do You Provide Itemized Billing?

Your waste management consultant bills and waste-hauling services billing should be itemized so you can see how much you are charged for various services. With a good consultant, the bill may not be fully itemized and will just have things lumped together under a few service categories.

With a great consultant, they’ll take the time to break down each individual charge. They also make themselves available to explain and answer any billing questions you may have.

5. What Is Your Profit Split/Objectives?

Young business couple signing a contract

This can be a touchy topic to bring up, but, as a business owner, it is an important question to ask in order to find a great waste management consultant. Unlike waster brokers, consultants do not charge a monthly fee but, instead, earn profits when they can help save you money.

A good consultant will tell you upfront what the split will be. Conversely, a great consultant will not charge you unless they can find different ways to help save you money.

By taking the time to ask these five questions, you can ensure you find a great waste consultant for optimal savings on your waste management costs.

You don’t have to waste time looking for great consultants when you contact Global Trash Solutions. We provide a free waste audit and will find the best solutions to waste management for your business or commercial property. Call us at 866-760-8194 today!

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