How to Find Cheap Garbage and Recycling Service for Your Business in Miami

by Global Trash Solutions

Have you ever wondered how to lower your commercial waste management costs for garbage and recycling service in the City of Miami? Have you ever signed up for service thinking that you had the best deal in town, maybe even boasting about it to your contemporaries, only to discover a year (or sometimes even month) later, that your “great deal” was as a bigger myth than a snowstorm in south Florida?

Have your costs increased by 20% to 30% or more since you signed your hauling contract?

Have you tried to contact your salesman in Miami Beach to inquire about why you were quoted one price and are now paying another, only to be smoke-screened by a mouthful of industry jargon about the woes of every garbage man—the rising price of diesel fuel, environmental compliance fees, disposal increases at the landfill, the cost of mounting Google-car style cameras on every garbage truck in their fleet, or some other line of … well … garbage? Or, worse yet, never heard from your salesman at all?

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If you have been confronted with the above scenario or one similar, you are not alone. Waste disposal is the only unregulated utility in the City of Miami. For this reason, there is no fixed cost for hauling and disposal of solid waste. With this come pros and cons.

The pros are that, because hauling companies have to compete to earn business, the cost of hauling services are naturally driven down. To the garbageman’s credit, there are many different factors that make up the total cost of collection and disposal—but let’s keep things simple—most of the job involves emptying your dumpster into a truck and hauling it off to the dump.

The cons involved are that since there is nobody regulating the cost of waste management, haulers can (and many times do) charge whatever they want for service.

Why Do Some Businesses Pay Less for Waste Management in Florida?

Even in Miami-Dade, where the city provides garbage services for an annual fee, businesses struggle to save money on garbage pickup by leveraging their local recycling program to reduce the volume and cut hauling costs. Compacting and baling these valuable recyclable materials can help these businesses save money on trash service in Miami and across the state of Florida.

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In Florida, these products can be recycled at no cost or may even be sold if properly sorted and baled:

  • Paper products
  • Cardboard
  • Most plastics
  • Food and beverage containers
  • Unbroken glass
  • Metals including aluminum and steel

Many Miami businesses are cutting their commercial waste management costs by partnering with Global Trash Solutions to implement equipment that can reduce garbage volume immediately and offer many benefits to sanitation, labor costs, and environmental safety.

Partnering with Professionals to Lower Miami Garbage Hauling Costs

This is where Global Trash Solutions comes into play. We are experts in the waste and recycling services; because we have cultivated relationships with all of the major garbage and recycling haulers in the Miami market, we can analyze virtually any businesses trash and recycling setup and costs. From there, we can bring them down to a fraction of what they were prior to engaging us.

We pride ourselves on being the most creative and innovative thinkers in the industry when it comes to waste cost reduction, and we have the track record to prove it.  Please call us today so we can help you take control of your spending on waste and recycling service in Florida.

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