Fast Food Restaurants Are Changing Their Waste Management Equation

by Global Trash Solutions

While community regulations and green initiatives are coming out all over the country, many fast food chains are being proactive by implementing their own programs centered around reducing waste in their restaurants. Many of these national chains are leading the way in innovative restaurant waste management and some are saving millions of dollars in the process.

Fast Food Gets Greener With Better Restaurant Waste Management

Some of the inspiring stories and waste reduction initiatives voluntarily implemented by these leaders in the fast food industry include:

  • PepsiCo, which owns Taco Bell and KFC, has implemented internal policies that encourage recycling, source reduction, and other measures to reduce fast food waste in landfills and prevent pollution from all of its holdings, in both food production and food service.
  • Just Salad, who have implemented reusable bowls with benefits for guests who use them, including free toppings. The CEO estimates that there are now 72,000 reusable bowls in use, replacing 75,000 pounds of disposable plastic each year.1
  • Chipotle, which has implemented a plan to divert 50% of their restaurant waste this year by changing dumpster sizes, adding recycling and diversion services, and working with waste management companies on efficient routes and expanding composting. They are also supporting the Harvest program, which donates leftover food to organizations that feed the hungry.1
  • McDonald’s is also reducing food waste in their fast food restaurants by participating in donation of leftover food through the Food Donation Connection. Their waste reduction efforts are happening internationally, diverting used cooking oils for biofuel, recycling an extensive list of materials, and switching packaging from styrofoam to unbleached paper and cardboard.2

Finding Cost Saving Solutions That Help the Environment

These innovative restaurants are leveraging new technology in sorting, compacting, and baling that not only meet their environmental goals but improve their bottom line. With the help of consulting and service companies like Global Trash Solutions, McDonald’s franchise owners are saving 50-70% on their waste hauling and recycling costs.

Partnering with fast food companies to solve recycling and waste management problems, GTS offers cost-effective equipment and consulting services to further the cause of better restaurant waste management. Contact us today to find out how we can help realize your greener goals.



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