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What is the Most Efficient Way to Handle Restaurant Garbage?

ID-100176792Restaurant operators are usually more concerned with developing their menu and making their establishment an attractive place to dine than they are with the trash that goes out the back door. Restaurant garbage presents a unique challenge to many owners. Because many restaurant owners pay upwards of $12,000-$20,000 annually per location for waste removal, cost is usually the force that drives owners to pay attention to how they are handling the waste management aspect of their business. There are many things to consider when evaluating the best way to handle restaurant garbage.

More and more waste haulers are now offering organics recycling and composting services to their customers. Organics recycling is beneficial to restaurant owners, especially when most of their garbage consists of leftover food. Many companies such as Panera Bread have achieved 75 % landfill diversion by implementing aggressive recycling initiatives, including organic recycling and single-stream recycling (recycling of glass, paper, plastic, and cardboard all in one container). For some restaurants, purchasing indoor or outdoor compaction equipment is the answer to the waste problem. Indoor compactors compact up to 15 bags into 1 which dramatically reduces hauling costs. Indoor compactors also prevent bags from piling up on by the back door, which improves aesthetics and cuts down on shrinkage.

Since most restaurant owners are busy trying to run their business, many have opted to outsource their garbage issues to Global Trash Solutions. GTS is an industry expert that is almost totally focused on restaurant garbage. Since over 80% of our clients are restaurants, we have experience in streamlining waste and recycling processes for everything from quick service restaurants to fast-casual restaurants to fine dining. We have more than 1200 McDonald’s operators under management and have saved our McDonald’s clients over 4.2 Million per year on waste removal! We have stayed up late developing formulas and proprietary software specifically tailored to solve the garbage problems that plague restaurant owners! Please call us today so we can help.



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