Does Your Waste Management Company Charge by the Bag? Don’t Waste Your Money!

by Global Trash Solutions

Your waste management company and hauler are in business to make money. They know that successful businesses have trash that goes into the dumpster every day. They are not going to help you with your bottom line, as that would cut into their own profits.

At Global Trash Solutions, we put the business owner first. Our waste management consultant services act as an experienced and knowledgeable representative to step in and renegotiate your waste hauling rates.

Our consultants know what tactics waste management companies use to fatten up their bottom lines while taking away from yours. We know the difference between per bag charges, per trip charges, and other additions like fuel recovery that waste haulers pile onto their customers.

In addition, our waste consultants conduct a full waste management audit of your current processes to determine what areas of your waste management could be made more efficient. Our objective is to help you cut your waste management hauling expenses by as much as 50%—and possibly more.

How We Can Help Cut Your Waste-Hauling Costs

Let’s say your waste hauler is charging by the bag to haul away your waste. Each day you have 30 bags of trash that are picked up. With our solutions, what would you say if we could cut those 30 bags of trash down to two bags?

Our GTS2000 Indoor Trash Compactor can compact one bag of normal trash into a single smaller cube of trash! So, instead of being charged for 30 bags by your waste hauler, now you are charged for two bags of compacted trash cubes.

Now, let’s say your waste hauler charges by the trip, and you have normal pickups three times a week. If you require more, then there is an extra trip charge added for each additional pickup day. You normally have four or five pickups a week.

green trash bin filled with money dollars

Again, by using our solutions and equipment to compact your trash, you could potentially cut the number of pickups from four or five down to once or twice a week. With fewer pickups, your waste-hauling bill is less, and you put more money back into your bottom line.

Please keep in mind, these are just two examples of how we could help you cut your waste-hauling costs. Your waste management consultant will work with you to determine which solutions could help reduce your costs and improve efficiency.

Your consultant will help develop a customized waste management plan that best fits your business, industry, budget, and waste-hauling needs. We could even help you start a recycling program and help you find a buyer for your recycled materials to further boost your bottom line.

Your full and detailed audit report will be presented to you with our findings, so you can see all the available options for cutting waste-hauling expenses for your business.

To request your waste management audit to discover how we can help you cut your waste management costs, please feel free to contact Global Trash Solutions at 866-760-8194 to speak with one of our waste management consultants today!

We also offer waste broker services, compactor and baler repair, and compactor and baler equipment sales.

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