Does Purchasing a Trash Compactor Make Financial Sense for My Business?

by Global Trash Solutions

Investing in trash compactors or recycling balers for a large or small business might seem like a big expense. However, most businesses find that using a trash compactor is extremely cost effective. What is the likely return on the investment and how will this equipment change your bottom line?

Streamline Waste Disposal

Using indoor and outdoor trash compactors makes waste handling simpler, safer, and saves employee time. It also limits trips outside to the dumpster and eliminates any motivation to throw out items with the intention of retrieving them later. Commercial trash compactors keep everything sanitary, contained, and secure.

Reducing the Volume of Waste

By reducing the volume of what your business discards by 5-10 times, industrial trash compactors lower your solid waste hauling costs each and every week. Because dumpster charges are typically based on volume, not weight, this a direct cost savings that pays off the equipment at a rapid rate.

Reclaiming the Value of Recyclables

By analyzing the types of waste your business produces, you can estimate the value of properly sorted, compressed, and baled recyclable materials that have resale value. Even making your recycled trash attractive to companies who will pick it up for free has economic benefit by reducing your solid waste costs.

Lowering Maintenance, Storage, and Pest Extermination Costs

By compacting waste prior to disposal, your business needs less space to store garbage and recyclables awaiting pickup. Mess and loose debris around the dumpster are eliminated, improving aesthetics and protecting the local environment. Rodents and insects are reduced because they are less able to feed on your garbage when it is tightly compacted.

Will These Benefits Outweigh the Costs?

Whether or not a trash compactor will pay for itself in your business depends on the type of waste you produce, your current waste management practices, and your ability to make the initial investment or obtain financing.

Most businesses who spend a sizable amount on waste management annually can benefit from a waste stream audit and professional consulting to determine the best ways to lower their waste management costs. Global Trash Solutions has helped thousands of businesses nationwide with guidance on the best equipment, vendors, and practices available to save you money on waste handling, recycling, and hauling. Contact us today for the definitive answers to your questions.

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