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Every business deals with recycling programs and local initiatives, with varying degrees of success. As we move toward more stringent waste reduction goals, a recycling baler can be a good investment, even for small businesses. How can you know if an investment in baler equipment will pay off in your situation?

The Benefits of Balers for Business Recyclables

Small businesses and large facilities can benefit from compressing and baling their recyclable materials before pickup. Retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, and apartments generate a large amount of cardboard, plastics, fabrics, and other materials that can be baled. A recycling baler brings these advantages to your waste management plan:

  • Reducing costs of solid waste pickup by reducing volume, weight, and landfill fees
  • Saving on labor costs with no need to break down boxes by hand
  • Lowering the risk of fire and health dangers from scattered piles of waste
  • Improving the environment by limiting the amount of waste in landfills and increasing recycling rates
  • Complying with local and national regulations requiring recycling of waste materials

If you are paying for commercial recycling to be hauled away from your facility, you may be missing out on an opportunity to bring revenue into your organization. Many haulers would prefer  you not to bale and sell your company’s recyclables or even be aware that such an opportunity exists. Most hauling companies throughout the US charge businesses for recyclable collection and then sell baled material in the commodity market.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Baler Equipment

Selecting the right type of baler for your business will depend on several factors. A waste audit will help you determine whether professional recycling equipment will pay for itself and over what period. The audit will help you  decide:

  • The volume of materials produced daily, weekly, and monthly
  • The type of materials and their potential resale value if sorted and baled
  • The space needed to house the baling equipment
  • The staff number and training needed to operate the equipment

Based on  your business waste and recycling requirements, there are several models available that may fit your output, space limitations, and waste reduction goals. Working with our consultants at Global Trash Solutions, you can choose between several types of horizontal or vertical balers for sale.

Stack of cardboard for recycling on table

Many GTS clients are great candidates for the 72 vertical and horizontal balers we offer, which produce “mill ready” palletized recycling bales which weigh anywhere from 1,100 to 1,500 pounds. We also assist our clients in sourcing the most trustworthy recycling vendors who will pay the most for their recycling material – usually anywhere from $40.00-$70.00 per ton, depending on the market conditions and type of material baled.

Capitalize on Your Business Waste Recycling

Whether you have retail, manufacturing, or office recycling to manage, we will help you identify the most cost-effective way of managing it. GTS specializes in helping you reduce costs, negotiate beneficial contracts, and get the most out of your waste and recycling programs. Please contact us today at (866) 211-9364 for a free consultation to find out if a baler will make financial sense for your business.

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