Differences Between Vertical and Horizontal Recycling Balers

by Global Trash Solutions

Recycling balers are typically classified into one of two generalized categories: vertical or horizontal. Both types help compact a diverse range of materials for recycling purposes and help reduce the amount of space required for storing materials until they are shipped.

In addition to being found at recycling centers, businesses have started to discover using balers can lead to a potential source of income and/or tax benefits when they obtain balers through their waste management consultant.

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Horizontal Recycling Balers

Horizontal balers take up much more floor space than vertical balers. There is a hopper on top of the machine, which can be connected to a conveyor system. The recyclable materials are dropped into the hopper that opens into a storage area within the baler. Once it gets full, a side arm compresses the materials, and then bundles them into a bale before ejecting it out of the machine.

Due to the size of the machines, horizontal balers can handle larger volumes of recycling per day. Further, the bales produced tend to be more consistent in weight and size, compared to a vertical baler. Many types of horizontal balers are able to process a wider range of materials, too.

Vertical Recycling Balers

Vertical balers are smaller than horizontal balers, so they take up less floor space. Recyclable materials and inserted into the baler through a side door on the machine. Once the materials are at a specified level, an upper arm compresses and crushes them, as it moves downward to create the bale. The machine also bundles and ejects bales after they have been compacted.

Vertical balers tend to cost less since they are smaller. Additionally, most vertical balers are able to handle a variety of recyclables. However, there can be some concerns about the consistency of the bales and their mill quality for resale. Since the baler uses an upper arm that moves downward, the height of vertical balers can be an issue in certain cases.

For more information about horizontal and vertical balers for your business, and assistance in determining which one is best, call the experienced waste and recycling brokers at Global Trash Solutions by phoning 866.760.8194 today.

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