Commercial Trash Compactors: Money Saver for Businesses

by Global Trash Solutions

Commercial trash compactors come in many different styles and sizes that are customized to meet specific types of customer’s needs. Large 15-40 yard self-contained compactors are generally used by restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, and malls that share a dumpster. These compactors are ideal for businesses that produce large volumes of waste and have plenty of space outside for equipment. Businesses that are limited on space such as fast food restaurants often prefer to use indoor trash compactors or outdoor vertical compactors. Indoor compactors are typically about the size of a refrigerator, and outdoor vertical compactors can fit in most standard dumpster corrals.

Indoor compactors are very powerful and can compact up to 15 standard bags of trash into one. The trash is compacted into a cube that is wheeled out to the dumpster on a device called a lift cart and cranked up so that it can be dumped. Some businesses like indoor trash compactors because they save space in the back of the building, and take care of the pile of trash that normally sits by the back door. Outdoor commercial trash compactors such as self-contained and vertical compactors do not have as great of a ratio and usually compact about 3:1 or 4:1; nevertheless they can be a viable alternative to regular dumpsters because they hold so much trash. Outdoor vertical compactors can hold anywhere from 18-32 cubic yards of loose trash before being picked up, whereas a 40 yard compactor can hold as much as 120 cubic yards.

There are many things to consider when investigating what type of waste equipment will best fit your needs. The Global Trash Solutions team reviews all options for our clients and we love to help our customers pick out the most economical and durable equipment on the market. When utilized properly, trash compactors can be a big time saver and money saver for businesses, especially when they generate huge piles of trash.

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