Commercial Trash Compactor

by Global Trash Solutions

The GTS 2000 Commercial Trash Compactor compacts trash on a 15 to 1 ratio, and will produce cardboard bales over 100 pounds. This compactor is available as an indoor or outdoor model.

The GTS 2000 Commercial Trash Compactor /Baler is a perfect waste system for Fast Food Franchises, Sit Down Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Casinos, Cruise Ships, and Schools. Though our patented waste technology customers are realizing they can take control back from their waste haulers and experience immediate savings. By compacting your trash you will need half as many pickups, and your annual waste expense will be cut by 50% or more.

With the help of our engineers and partnerships, Global Trash Solutions has become an industry leader. Trash hauling and recycling costs continue to increase, and our clients have found by using our compactor they can reduce their hauling costs by 50% or more. Global Trash Solutions is so confident in our product that we will deliver one of compactor/balers right to your door and allow you to realize the savings first hand.

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