My City Overcharges for Garbage – How Can My Business Save Money?

by Global Trash Solutions

Do you feel restricted because your company owns certain properties where the city mandates who you must use for commercial trash service, but owns other properties that aren’t required to use any specific trash company? Have you found that the hauler the city has selected for you is unwilling or unable to accommodate your business by providing the pick-up schedule you prefer? Do their drivers ever inconvenience your staff by leaving the dumpster enclosure gates open, coming at busy times and blocking customer traffic, or leaving trash on the ground after they empty your dumpsters?

Some urban centers have a refined, organized RFP process that they use to select a garbage vendor for residents or businesses within their city limits. Other cities are not quite as detailed and thorough, and may enter into an agreement with a hauler after they are approached and proposed a deal that entails incentives for the city such as “franchise fees” or special garbage taxes that bring the city revenue. These charges show up as an additional flat fee on the trash bills, or are calculated as a percentage of the total base price for garbage. They range anywhere from 5% to 30%, depending on how much the local municipality likes money.

Global Trash Solutions (GTS) is fundamentally opposed to franchise agreements, as we feel that they limit citizens’ rights to choose the vendor they would like for trash service. Franchise agreements also make service more expensive because there is no competition to drive pricing down, in addition to the franchise fees and miscellaneous charges described above. GTS is unique in that we welcome the challenge of helping clients who have locations in franchised markets. GTS has been successful in holding haulers accountable for service in areas where they have contracted with the city, and developing creative solutions that are saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. For information about how we can help you save money on trash and recycling, please contact us today at (866) 760-8194.

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