Cincinnati’s Dirty Dozen gets cleaned — Compactor Repair

by Global Trash Solutions

We got a call this winter from the Cincinnati Metro Housing Authority for compactor repair. They have 12 sites throughout the city and each site uses a compactor. Easy peasy, we thought. We’ll just dispatch a technician and take care of them. Well, that’s when the conversation got interesting. Not only did the the Housing Authority need all 12 compactors serviced and cleaned in 3 BUSINESS DAYS, but to compound the challenge, each of the 12 sites used a different make, model and age of compactor!

Compactor Repair

Compactor Repair

No one else has the experienced, nation-wide network of skilled technicians that Global Trash Solutions employs. We immediately knew the right technician for the challenge. We worked with our contact to set up a schedule that worked best for each property superintendent and dispatched our technician from Detroit. Our technician strategically mapped the most efficient service routes and showed up at each site with the knowledge and tools necessary to perform cleanings and preventative maintenance on 12 different units. This was all done in the 3-day window scheduled. And guess what — he also used the opportunity to provide individual reports on each unit with recommendations for future part replacements and additional services required to keep all the equipment operating smoothly and efficiently. No one else can provide that level of expertise and service.

While most repair companies will take 72 hours or more to get to your site, our nation-wide network of experienced service techs are dispatched immediately and can be at your site making repairs within 24 hours. Our Call Center operates 24/7/365, so no one prioritizes your problem faster or more efficiently than we do.

Our technicians don’t just arrive faster, they are specialists in compactor repair and show up with the right tools and the right expertise to get your waste operation running smoothly again, pronto!

Global Trash Solutions is the industry leader in waste equipment repair. We service every make and model. So put our number on speed-dial and call us the minute your compactor starts giving you trouble. Save yourself time, money and frustration.

So, whether you have 2 compactors or 200. Give us a call today to talk about your repair, cleaning or maintenance needs.

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