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How Can a Trash Compactor Benefit my Business in Miami, FL?

ID-10081192-300x262Does your business or industrial facility in Miami, FL generate several bags of trash per day? Does taking out the garbage require so much manpower that you have to dedicate an employee to the task, or at least arrange shifts to cover the trash problem? Have rodents, pests, or odor become an issue that has caused you problems, or maybe even a visit from the health department? Are your garbage costs getting out of control? Do you have a problem with employee theft, or have you been looking for ways to prevent loss?

In recent years, more and more businesses in Miami, especially restaurants, are considering trash compactors as a viable solution to all of the above problems they commonly encounter. Global Trash Solutions (GTS) supplies a full line of trash compactors that prevent loss by limiting the number of trips to the garbage dumpster. In actuality, most commercial grade trash compactors designed by GTS can be equipped with chute-fed systems, which eliminate the need for employees to ever leave the building. Employees have been known to steal merchandise by carrying it out with the trash and later retrieving it from the dumpster. Chute fed, self-contained compactors make this impossible because they close off and retain whatever is thrown away in a chamber where nobody can access it. This feature also prevents scavengers from digging through dumpsters and scattering wrappers all over the lot.

Self-contained compactors also help to eliminate and mask undesirable odors by keeping trash contained within a water-tight chamber that has a built-in deodorizing system. This keeps pests such as rats and insects away from the trash container as well.

GTS supplies compactors designed for every application a business in Miami would need, including: hotels, restaurants (fine-dining and quick-service), multi-unit residential buildings, retail outlets, grocery stores, industrial facilities, factories and transfer stations. We can even custom-build units specifically tailored to fit in tight spaces such as alleyways and small corrals.

GTS offers full support with regard to hauling as well. Not only do we supply equipment, we negotiate with your trash and recycling vendors to make sure you are paying the best market price available for trash pick-up and recycling service. We have established ourselves as the #1 waste consulting firm in the industry, and generally save our clients at least 50% when they purchase equipment. Some of the brands we have helped in Miami are Big Pink Restaurant, Burger King, and KFC. Please call us today for more information about our products and services at (866) 760-8194.


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