How Can a Trash Compactor Benefit My Business in Miami, FL?

by Global Trash Solutions

Does your business or industrial facility in Miami, FL generate several bags of trash per day? Are the costs of your Miami trash service out of control? Does waste management require so much manpower that you have to dedicate an employee to the task or, at least, arrange shifts to cover the trash problem? Have rodents, pests, or odor become an issue that has caused you problems, or maybe even a visit from the health department? Do you have a problem with employee theft, or have you been looking for ways to prevent loss?

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Many restaurants and businesses in Miami are implementing trash compactors as a viable solution to these problems. Global Trash Solutions (GTS) supplies a full line of commercial trash compactors that offer these benefits:

  • Preventing loss by limiting the number of trips to the garbage dumpster
  • Increasing efficiency with chute-fed systems, which eliminate the need for employees to leave the building
  • Reducing the volume and hauling costs of Miami trash service
  • Eliminating food sources for rodents and insects by utilizing professional compactor services
  • Reclaiming valuable materials by using a trash compactor for recycling, to balance against the operational costs of waste disposal in Miami
  • Enhancing employee safety with state-of-the-art equipment systems, replacing outdated and dangerous machinery
  • Improving the aesthetics of your business or property by eliminating overflow of waste materials
  • Protecting your business or restaurant’s reputation for cleanliness and environmental awareness

Purchasing Commercial Trash Compactors and Recycling Balers in Miami

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At Global Trash Solutions, we do more than ship you the best-quality trash compactors and recycling balers on the market. We also offer consulting and support to help your business reach the next level of efficiency and sanitation while saving 30-50% in waste management costs.

GTS offers full support with regard to hauling as well. Not only do we supply equipment, but we negotiate with your trash and recycling vendors to make sure you are paying the best market price available for trash pick-up and recycling service.

Global Trash Solutions supplies compactors designed for every application a business in Miami would need, including hotels, restaurants (fine-dining and quick-service), multi-unit residential buildings, retail outlets, grocery stores, industrial facilities, factories, and transfer stations. Please contact us today for more information about our services and custom-built solutions for your business.

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