How Can Businesses Save Money on Trash Service in Southern New Jersey?

by Global Trash Solutions

Have you looked into waste management and recycling solutions in Camden, Chester, Atlantic City, or any of the other townships and cities throughout southern New Jersey? Do you own a freestanding property, chain of locations, or manage properties in the Garden State? Have you ever agreed to one price with your garbage company, but ended up paying a different, higher price?

The New Jersey commercial waste services are highly variable, with differences in requirements based on county and locality. Employing effective waste management strategies requires an in-depth analysis of your output and local regulations to ensure your business is complying and doing business with the right local companies.

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Does Organized Crime Run the New Jersey Garbage Business?

The public stereotype of mob involvement with the New Jersey garbage hauling industry is largely a thing of the past. The trash hauling and recycling business has been cleaned up with regulation and guidelines in most places. Still, the State Commission of Investigation recommended in 2017 that more should be done to prevent corruption not only in the garbage hauling industry, but in the newer recycling industry as well.1

For peace of mind and predictable costs, using the waste management strategies and leverage of a consulting company like Global Trash Solutions will keep you clear of any shady contractors and unfair practices that may remain in local markets.

What Regulations Apply to Your Business in Southern New Jersey?

All businesses, manufacturing facilities, schools, hospitals, and prisons are required to comply with the mandatory commercial New Jersey recycling laws. There are also regulations regarding “flow control” which may dictate to which landfill your commercial waste must be hauled.

Across southern New Jersey you will find regulations differ regarding which materials can be recycled and whether they are collected by single stream or dual stream collection systems. Such a broad range of requirements and recycling options may lead many businesses to follow New Jersey’s recommendation to conduct a waste audit.2

Waste audits are part of the process of first identifying how your company manages its waste stream, then identifying improvements needed either to comply with state or local regulations, or to reduce the costs of waste disposal in New Jersey. Creating a baseline and capturing the key goals of recapturing recyclable materials while reducing the volume of garbage that goes to the landfill will enable your business to drastically reduce recycling costs.

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By focusing on source reduction, companies can utilize waste management consultants like Global Trash Solutions (GTS) to capture more valuable materials for reuse or recycling, while composting food waste and reducing solid waste to its absolute minimum. With more states enacting Zero Waste policies every day, getting ahead of the game with GTS will pay off today and long into the future.

Reducing Waste Management Costs with a Strong Partner

Global Trash Solutions (GTS) specializes in helping our clients better understand their hauling contracts and recycling options. GTS takes away the mystery of what your business might or might not pay next month for trash service. We can negotiate an “out the door” rate with any trash hauler, and make sure that the rates stay where they are supposed to be for years to come. Please call us today at (866) 760-8194 to find out what we can do specifically to help your business pay the best possible rates for waste and recycling service.



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