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How Can I Save Money on Trash Service in Southern New Jersey?

Have you ever wondered what it actually costs to dispose of trash and recyclables in Camden, Chester, Atlantic City, or any of the other townships and cities throughout southern New Jersey? Do you own a freestanding property, chain of locations, or manage properties? Have you ever agreed to one price with your garbage company, but ended up paying a different, higher price? Have you been bombarded with language about the rising cost of diesel, environmental compliance charges, and flow control? Are you curious about what those things actually are, and do you wish you could just get a straight answer on what your monthly charge will be?

South Jersey can be a difficult place to find answers to these questions. Most of the trash and recycling haulers in the market are highly trained, and skilled at tap-dancing around direct questions related to what these charges mean. The market is saturated with pat answers and fluff designed to confuse customers and make them sorry for even asking about the charges. Flow control basically means that the county dictates what landfill the haulers have to take their trash to – but in many cases there is no reason this would affect pricing, as the landfills are owned by trash haulers. Some haulers even make money by charging other haulers to dump there. Fuel charges are passed on to customers, but when the price of diesel goes down, many times there is no adjustment to accommodate for the extra charge.

Global Trash Solutions (GTS) specializes in helping our clients better understand their hauling contracts. GTS takes away the mystery of what your business might or might not pay next month for trash service. We can negotiate an “out the door” rate with any trash hauler, and make sure that the rates stay where they are supposed to for years to come. Please call us today at (866) 760-8194 to find out what we can do specifically to help your business pay the best possible rates for waste and recycling service.