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How Can I Save Money on Garbage for my Business in Pittsburgh, PA?

ID-100120484Do you own a business in Pittsburgh or the surrounding area? Have you noticed your trash expenses climbing over the years, even after you may have met with your hauler and received a “price rollback” in the past? Are your trash riddled with random miscellaneous charges (i.e. “environmental surcharges”, “container service fees,” “RCR fees,” “rollout fees,” or “administrative fees”)? If so, you are among of the many business owners in the Pittsburgh region who are afflicted with the standard policies and procedures adopted by practically every waste and recycling hauler in the Pittsburgh region.

Fortunately, you have certain inalienable rights as a business owner in Pennsylvania. Many restaurant owners and other commercial properties in the Pittsburgh market, frustrated by the exorbitant rates that seem to be imposed on them despite their best efforts to pay a fair price for trash service, are exercising their freedom of choice and consulting with third party market research and waste consulting firm Global Trash Solutions (GTS).  Armed with strong vendor relationships as well as experience and expertise which can only be acquired through years spent researching and negotiating with trash haulers in every major market in the US, GTS wasted no time in getting to work on assisting the clients who sought our help in Pittsburgh.

In spite of meeting some resistance from the haulers in Pittsburgh, GTS was able to establish aggressive rates while acting as a single point of contact for our clients for everything trash and recycling related, including compactor repair and replacement. This translated to tens of thousands of dollars annually for the businesses who enrolled in GTS’s cost savings program. GTS clients save over $95,000.00 annually by using our services.

If your have found yourself bound to terms and conditions that you never knew existed, are disappointed with your hauler’s response time or apparent lack of concern for your business, or just want to see if we can negotiate a better deal for you, please call us today for a free consultation. We enjoy using our expertise and purchasing power to leverage the best price and service available for our rapidly-expanding client base. We never charge up-front for our services, as our fee is subtracted from your savings after your bills have been lowered. On average, our clients save 35-40% between 30-60 days after they enroll. Please call us at (866)760-8194 so we can help you join our network of satisfied clients.


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