How Can I Save Money on Garbage for My Business in Pittsburgh, PA?

by Global Trash Solutions

Do you own a business in Pittsburgh or the surrounding area and would like to save money on commercial waste management? Have you noticed your trash expenses climbing over the years, even after you may have met with your hauler and received a “price rollback” in the past? Do you understand the strict City of Pittsburgh requirements for commercial recycling and trash disposal?

What Your Business Needs to Know About Pittsburgh Waste and Recycling

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Because the majority of waste in Pittsburgh comes from commercial trash, city codes expect a higher level of compliance with required recycling programs. Business owners in the city are required to establish a program to recycle:1

  • Fiber, including paper and cardboard
  • Aluminum and steel cans and bottles
  • Acceptable plastics and glass jars
  • Organic garbage, which includes lawn and yard waste but not food scraps
  • Composting of food scraps recommended but not currently required in Pittsburgh

Businesses must also comply with reporting guidelines and give an accurate tonnage of their recycled materials each year to the city’s recycling division. These efforts to reduce waste and limit the environmental impact of garbage hauling and landfills are backed up with a system of fines of up to $5000 for property or business owners who do not comply with Pittsburgh waste management requirements.

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Strategies to Save Money on Commercial Waste Management in Pittsburgh

Many Pittsburgh businesses are consulting with a third-party market research and waste consulting firm like Global Trash Solutions (GTS).  Armed with strong vendor relationships, as well as experience and expertise, which can only be acquired through years spent researching and negotiating with trash haulers in every major market in the U.S., GTS can find cost savings for almost every client in Pennsylvania and around the nation.

By tailoring a waste management process and providing affordable financing on the latest equipment, GTS saves money on all aspects of your waste handling. Cutting hauling costs by compressing trash into the smallest volume yields immediate savings of 35-40% to most businesses. Contact us today to leverage the best price and service available and avoid costly fees associated with waiting to address your waste management needs.



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