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How Can I Reduce the Garbage Expense for my Business in Houston, Texas?

ID-10085566-150x150Do you own a business in or around Houston, Texas that pays for trash or recycling service? Have you ever asked yourself, “Is garbage service a fixed utility, or an expense I have control over?” The answer to that question depends on where your business is located.

Many local municipalities around the Houston, TX market, such as Friendswood and Willis, have created monopolies on trash service. They have done this by entering into contracts with hauling vendors which commercial properties are in turn forced to use. These monopolies are commonly referred to in the industry as “franchise agreements”. Unfortunately, if you are a business owner in a franchised area, your options for waste service providers are limited. However, the Market Research Analysts at Global Trash Solutions (GTS) have spent dozens, if not hundreds of hours combing through franchise agreements, many of which are over seventy pages in length, from all over the great state of Texas. Through dedication, tenacity, and hard work, GTS has found that these agreements are not always as ironclad as many business owners originally presumed. As a result, GTS has delivered unparalleled results to business owners in terms of cost savings.

Practically everyone in the Lone Star State has heard the saying:  “everything is bigger in Texas.” Businesses all over the Greater Houston region are realizing that their trash and recycling bills do not have to fall under the “bigger” or even “big” category, thanks to the help of the Waste consultants at GTS. GTS consults for over 190 commercial properties in Texas, and is presently saving business owners over $25,000.00 each month on trash and recycling expenses. This can be accomplished using the same vendors who are already in place, whether or not the client falls within a “franchised” market or has a valid contract in place with a private hauler.

Global Trash Solutions provides businesses with a single point of contact for all things garbage-related, including recycling, trash compactors, cardboard balers, and equipment service and repair. GTS custom tailors our recommendations to suit your businesses unique set of needs, and guarantees 10% minimum savings (although their average savings per client in Houston is closer to 40%). Our fee is strictly performance-based, and we never require any type of up front-fee for our services.  If you own a business in Houston, Texas that pays for trash or recycling service, and you are interested in saving money and adding revenue to your bottom line within 30-60 days, please contact us at (866) 760-8194. We are more than happy to tell you about our program, and assist you in joining the growing number of business owners in Houston who save thousands of dollars annually on trash service with our help.

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