How Can I Reduce the Garbage Expense for My Business in Houston, Texas?

by Global Trash Solutions

If you are concerned about the cost of commercial trash service in Houston or the state of Texas, lowering these expenses is possible. One of the first steps is to find out if your garbage service is a fixed utility or an expense you can directly control. The answer to that question depends on where your business is located.

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Many local municipalities around the Houston area, such as Friendswood and Willis, have created monopolies on trash service by entering into contracts with a limited number of approved garbage haulers. These monopolies are commonly referred to in the industry as “franchise agreements.” Unfortunately, if you are a business owner in a franchised area, your options for commercial trash service in Houston may be limited.

However, the market research analysts at Global Trash Solutions (GTS) have spent many hours combing through franchise agreements, many of which are over seventy pages in length, from all over the great state of Texas. Through dedication, tenacity, and hard work, GTS has found that these agreements are not always as ironclad as many business owners presume. As a result, GTS allows business owners to save money on waste management in Texas.

How to Save Money on Garbage Services in Texas

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Working with an industry leader for garbage compacting and baling of recycling can drastically reduce costs for Houston area businesses. GTS consults for over 190 commercial properties in Texas and is presently saving business owners over $25,000.00 each month on trash and recycling expenses. You can experience these benefits while using the same vendors, whether or not they fall within a “franchised” market or have a valid contract in place with a private hauler.

By reducing the volume of garbage entering the waste stream and making good use of local recycling programs, your business in the City of Houston or the surrounding area will begin saving money on hauling costs almost immediately. With financing available and experts who can analyze your usage and recommend the right suite of services, Global Trash Solutions is your ideal partner in the garbage business.

If you own a business in Houston, Texas that pays for trash or recycling service, and you are interested in saving money and adding revenue to your bottom line within 30-60 days, please contact us or call (866) 760-8194. We are waiting to empower your business with our programs and assist you in joining the growing number of business owners in Houston who save thousands of dollars annually on trash service with help from GTS.

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