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What Can I Do to Lower My Garbage Costs in Southeast Texas?

3221864842_fd2a30676b_zDo you own or oversee the profitability of a business in Southeast Texas? Have you tried multiple times to find ways to reduce your waste and recycling costs, or are you simply too busy to concentrate on keeping the cost of your waste removal low? Have you tried using trash compactors, adding recycling service, or even changing companies (or threatening to change) only to see a temporary decrease in cost, which quickly rebounded to an amount that was higher or close to your original cost?

The trash removal and recycling market in Southeast Texas can sometimes be volatile. Trying to negotiate your trash costs with a hauler or set up economical service can feel like trying to fumble your way through a dark and unfamiliar home, and trusting a vampire to tell you how to open the blinds! We have heard real horror stories about how our clients have been given the impression that their cost would be fixed at a certain amount, only to hopelessly watch it climb as the months and years go by. Many Global Trash Solutions (GTS) clients have rejected our savings program at first because their local city has a deal with the trash company. Actually, a client who owns over 50 restaurants in Corpus Christi as well as small border towns had these very same objections, but decided to give GTS a shot anyway. He is now saving over $5K monthly because he decided to try our risk-free program (there is no cost to enroll with us, as our fee is deducted from the money we save you.)

Lower My Garbage Costs

GTS has been so successful in helping businesses in Southeast Texas save money that Consulting Team Lead, Evan Hunter, and National Sales Manager, George Scherzer, were recently invited to attend one of the largest chain-store restaurant conventions in the region – the McDonald’s Houston Region Conference – to help McDonald’s Franchisees in this market get their costs under control. GTS is helping McDonald’s restaurants in Texas save over $398K annually on trash and recycling – at an average of $237.00 per location per month. Our success rate in Texas is undeniable, and our process is simple and user-friendly. Please call us today at (866) 760-8194 for a free evaluation of your costs and services.