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Can I Keep My Trash Carter from Raising the Price at My NYC Business?


  • Do you own a business in New York City that pays for trash or recycling service?
  • Have you had to change your trash company in the past because the company began charging you more than you originally agreed to pay?
  • Are you confused by sections of your trash contract that contain language like “effects of volume change,” or base your service on surveys and bag counts that do not reflect the actual volume of trash your establishment actually generates?
  • Has your trash company come to you citing a “raise in disposal rates” that they are passing on to you as mandated by the city?

Many carters in NYC have the tendency to get their customers signed up on a “teaser rate” because their contracts allow them to adjust pricing every six months if there is a volume change of more than 10%. The main reason carters are able to pull these stunts lies in the methodology they use to conduct surveys:

  1. Some carters weigh the trash at the stop. The problem with this method is that the scale does not produce accurate weight readings when the trucks are running, and most carters only weigh one or two bags per stop and then take an average based on the weight of those bags.
  2. Other carters use a “bag count” to determine the volume of trash. The problem with this method is: who is the ultimate authority on what constitutes a bag? Is a bag one-quarter of the way full given the same merit as a bag that weighs forty pounds? This survey method is even more of a guessing game than the weight method.

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