How Can My Company Save Money on Garbage Service in Ohio?

by Global Trash Solutions

Is your business trying to save money on trash removal in Ohio? Have you reviewed the fixed and flexible waste disposal costs your company pays each year? Many Ohio business owners have realized that they have a variety of waste haulers to choose from—some which charge reasonable prices and provide excellent service, and others that clearly do not.

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By reviewing their waste management processes, many companies can drastically reduce the volume and garbage-hauling costs they pay while reclaiming valuable recycling materials and complying with the recycling programs and recommendations of the state of Ohio.

Balancing the Needs of Your Business

You may be spending far more than you realize on garbage disposal and hauling. Many Ohio restaurants and businesses find that taking out the garbage several times each day reduces employee efficiency and increases losses due to workplace theft.

By putting in chute-fed trash compactors and recycling balers, your employees have limited access to dangerous and dirty dumpsters and less temptation to throw away valuable items in hopes of retrieving them later. Baled and compacted garbage also attracts fewer pests and improves the value of properly sorted recyclables.

Reducing Your Commercial Trash Removal Costs in Ohio

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How are these Ohio businesses managing to save money on trash removal in the complex and variable market of trash and recycling services? Many Ohio businesses are choosing to partner with industry experts to better manage their removal costs and save money on equipment that drastically improves their workflow.

By working directly with Global Trash Solutions, 95% of our Ohio clients have begun to save money within 60 days. To many, the most attractive aspect of our program is that there is no initial investment to sign up with GTS.

We provide consulting services and the latest in chute-fed trash compactors and recycling balers to bring your business or restaurant to the top of the class when it comes to waste management. For more information, please contact us today at (866) 760-8194.

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