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How Can my Company Save Money on Garbage Service in Ohio?

ID-10074414Have you ever thought about the utilities your company pays for each month in Ohio? When you take the time to review your P&L statement, do you think of your garbage bill as a fixed price; a natural byproduct of your businesses normal day-to-day production? Or have you, like many Ohio business owners, realized that most parts of Ohio have a variety of waste haulers to choose from – some which charge reasonable prices and provide excellent service, and others which grossly overcharge and lack the ingredients essential to maintaining a consistent base of happy customers.

Save Money on Garbage Service

The terrain of the hauling market in Ohio is shaped much like that of several other states in the union – rugged and tough to navigate on your own. There are good folks out there, but as a business owner, you have to watch out for landmines! The problem of rising garbage costs has plagued many companies who have drawn the conclusion that trash service does not have to be a fixed expense. Through strategic price increases, miscellaneous unregulated fees, and other methodology (i.e. charging $50.00 if the dumpster lid will not completely close after a particularly heavy weekend, or charging $200.00 for one non-scheduled pick up when the bill is $400.00 total monthly for 2 times weekly service) many haulers have made it general practice to overcharge in as many ways as possible, and they are always thinking of new ones.

Global Trash Solutions is currently helping sixteen business owners who are using our services in Ohio $77,040.00 annually on garbage service. That’s an average savings of $4,815.00 per client per year. We work with over 2,200 businesses all over the country to help them reduce costs in the area of refuse and recycling disposal, and have become quite successful in determining the root cause of why our clients are overspending, and leveraging our purchasing power as well as suggesting the most cost-effective means of disposal. Of the clients who have enrolled with us in Ohio, 95% have begun to save money within 60 days. To many, the most attractive aspect of our program is that there is no initial investment to sign up with GTS. GTS is here to help businesses save money, not spend it. For more information, please contact us today at (866) 760-8194.


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