How Can a Commercial Trash Compactor Benefit My Business?

by Global Trash Solutions

Retail stores, restaurants, and office buildings are often faced with rising commercial waste collection costs and new local regulations regarding commercial waste management. Sometimes rising prices are the motivating factor in researching the benefits of a trash compactor for your business, or you may be taking the proactive approach to cost reduction, safety, and developing a greener company image.

There are many benefits of waste compaction that are less obvious and more impactful to your bottom line than you may realize, and these advantages will help you squeeze maximum value out of your waste management budget.

Trash Compactors Increase Efficiency

One of the valuable benefits of a trash compactor is an immediate increase in efficiency. A mobile trash compactor can reduce the number of trips to empty trash containers from 15-20 to 1. This saves employees time and reduces opportunities for those mysterious inventory losses.

Waste Management, The garbage truck with worker

Compacted trash is transported by hand cart, which eliminates all that physical trash handling and necessary protective gear. The compacted trash occupies 1/8 to 1/10 of the physical space in your bins or storage areas, making more efficient use of your facility and loading dock areas.

Trash Compactors Cut Operation Costs

Using a commercial trash compactor can dramatically reduce your business waste disposal costs, based on reduced volume. Since most commercial waste collection prices are figured by container size, rather than weight, reducing trash volume by up to 80% has a huge impact on what you pay on pickup day.

In addition to this immediate and obvious savings, factor in these additional cost saving benefits:

  • Rapid return on investment in equipment, making your compactor pay for itself
  • Tax write-offs which may be available to your business
  • Recovering the value of separated and compressed recyclables for resale
  • Improved security and energy efficiency with fewer trips outside

Trash Compactors Improve Sanitation and Aesthetics

In addition to lowering your commercial waste disposal costs, a garbage compactor is typically self-contained to reduce leaks and odors. Insect and rodent pests are reduced because the trash is too tightly compacted for them to use as a food source or nesting location.

Your commercial trash is kept neat, orderly, and less visible to customers and guests, improving the appeal of your facility. And when the inevitable inspection day arrives, your garbage handling and storage will more easily meet all regulatory requirements and green initiative goals.

Trash Compactors Support Facility Safety

Modern trash compacting equipment is safe and easy to use with the push of a button and requires very little maintenance. They eliminate leaks and piles of unstable garbage bags, which can cause slip and fall injuries as well as being unsightly. Moving compacted bales of garbage with a hand cart reduces the possibility of back injuries that come with moving heavy bags by hand.

Trash Compactors Benefit the Environment

Cardboard for recycling

With zero-waste initiatives popping up all over the country, the importance of limiting commercial waste in landfills is on everyone’s mind. Your customers, guests, and patrons expect their favorite places to meet the challenge of limiting waste and managing it wisely to protect the environment.

By reducing the volume of waste that reaches the landfill, and making it easier for businesses to manage recyclables and compost materials, a trash compactor can have one of the greatest immediate impacts on reducing the carbon footprint of your business and building a greener brand image.

Get Started Compacting with Commercial Waste Consulting

The consulting team at Global Trash Solutions (GTS) works with hundreds of Fortune 500 retail chain store operators, so we are very familiar with meeting industry challenges. We have developed solutions and systems aimed at addressing each one, from an outdoor commercial trash compactor which reduces hauling costs by as much as 50%, to an indoor model like the GTS2000 which can reduce the number of trips to the dumpster and cut monthly trash costs by up to 70%.

Whatever trash problems you may face as a business owner, GTS has the experience and expertise to develop a solution specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. Please contact or call us at (866) 574-2524 for a free consultation to benefit your business today!

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