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How Can a Commercial Trash Compactor Benefit My Business?

ID-1001001411Do you own a business that pays what seems to be an excessive amount for trash service? Have your Facility Managers mentioned the labor costs associated with handling the trash at your locations? Do you know how much in payroll is dedicated to trash-related maintenance at your locations each quarter? Have you ever been mystified by what seems to be “disappearing” inventory, or noticed a correlation between your merchandise cost and the number of trips made to the dumpster each day by your staff?

Practically every retail outlet in the country has faced at least one of the above challenges at some point in the past, or if they have not had to address them yet, they will be soon. You may have invested in expensive security systems aimed at reducing shrinkage and theft to keep your inventory from “disappearing,” but still face problems with inventory that is not accounted for. The rising costs of diesel fuel, government involvement in the private hauling industry, and other factors that affect the rate or trash removal have caused the price of garbage service to rise dramatically over the last few years. As a business owner, you may feel that these issues are largely beyond your sphere of influence, and you may be right.

The consulting team at Global Trash Solutions (GTS) work with hundreds of Fortune 500 retail chain store operators, so we are very familiar with the above challenges. We have developed solutions and systems aimed at addressing each one. For starters, many of the businesses who seek our help can benefit from one of our outdoor commercial trash compactors, which reduce hauling costs by as much as 50% and eliminate the need for multiple open-top dumpsters. They also reduce odor and the possibility of extra bags on the ground on an especially busy day. Some of our clients prefer an indoor model, such as the GTS 2000 which can reduce the number of trips to the dumpster, therefore cutting back on the opportunity for theft while reducing the required container size and pick-up frequency. This, in turn, reduces monthly trash costs by up to 70%.

Whatever trash problems you may face as a business owner, GTS has the experience and expertise to develop a solution specifically tailored to meet your individual needs. Please call us today at (866) 760-8194 for a free consultation.


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