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How can my Business Stay Up to Code with the New Legislation that Requires Recycling in Seattle, WA?

ID-10061132-150x150Do you own a business or income property in Seattle? Have you found yourself confused by what seem to be extremely tight restrictions on what your business may do with its waste? Are you being required to change the type of packaging you use at your business and threatened with fines if you do not comply?

In the summer of 2013, the State of Washington passed revised legislation proposed by the Department of Ecology which aims to create a “closed loop” waste management system that would turn almost all of what is currently thrown away into a reusable resource. The plan, originally set in motion in 2011, is intended to remove all recyclable commodities from landfills. The City of Seattle has partnered with with local hauling companies so that residents and businesses have the resources to divert recyclable commodities from landfills. In effect, this legislation requires that all businesses in Seattle recycle organic waste as food scraps, which in the past has been discarded as ordinary trash.

In spite of the environmentally conservative intentions behind the new legislation, it has become an albatross to many business owners because it involves stringent requirements that can be costly, time-consuming, and in many cases difficult to implement. Some of these requirements include the plastic bag ban which took effect in 2009, and other requirements such as on-site source separation and requirements that all food be packaged in recyclable material.

In spite of the headache this legislation is causing many who conduct business in Seattle and produce large volumes of refuse, these new requirements have created an opportunity to lower the business’ expenses through the use of resources such as the waste consultants at Global Trash Solutions.  GTS has recently added over 150K annually in revenue to the few businesses who have used their service. Global Trash Solutions has helped businesses navigate the confusing processes outlined in the hundreds of pages which document the City of Seattle’s 20 year recycling plan, and save considerable amounts of money and time. Global Trash Solutions can be reached at (561) 844-1445 or toll free at (866) 790 8194 ext. 109.

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