How Maryland Businesses Can Save Money on Trash Services

by Global Trash Solutions

Do you own a business in Maryland or the surrounding area that is looking to save money on waste management? Have you noticed that your garbage bill has gradually escalated to an amount that is more than you ever expected to pay when you contracted for service? Have you had trouble reaching the representative who originally signed you up for trash service?

Have you ever become so frustrated with your vendor that you attempted to cancel service, only to find that your hauling contract renewed for another three years about six months ago without any action by you?

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If you have experienced any of the above scenarios, then you are familiar with the policies of some of the hauling companies in Maryland.  Although the waste and recycling industry is very competitive in the state, it is a standard operating procedure for garbage haulers to implement strategic price increases and tack on surcharges which are difficult to understand when their customers sign up. Some of the reps from these companies would make great magicians because they disappear when you call to inquire about why your price has gone up.

What Your Business Should Know About Commercial Waste Hauling in Maryland

It has become general practice for waste-hauling vendors to incorporate built-in price increases that can top 10-12% of the invoice amount annually; however, they usually only increase your bills by small increments, sometimes even reducing the price temporarily to give the illusion that your price is actually dropping, so that your accounting department does not notice the increase.

It can become a real headache for business owners who are trying to save money on waste management and trying to cooperate with Maryland’s goals surrounding waste prevention. While most businesses participate in voluntary recycling in Maryland, they do so to save money on waste disposal.

By receiving market value for properly sorted and baled materials at a recycling center, your costs can be drastically reduced, especially in “pay as you throw” communities. The state offers incentives to counties and works hard to maintain one of the highest recycling rates in the country, at 44.1%.1

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Working with Industry Experts to Save Money on Waste Management

Many businesses in Maryland are turning to Global Trash Solutions, a waste and recycling consulting firm out of Palm Beach, Florida, to help them lower their garbage costs and keep them under control. GTS is the nation’s fastest-growing waste consulting firm. Our purpose is to make sure that our clients are always paying fair market value for waste and recycling service, by developing creative ways to reduce costs.

We use our purchasing power as leverage to get your disposal costs low, and we can audit your expenses each month to make sure they stay as low as possible. We can also provide financing on any needed equipment to compact garbage or bale recyclables, allowing you to lower what you pay as you throw out costs and receive all the credits and payments possible in the state of Maryland. Please call us today for details on how we can help your business to save money on waste management!



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