How to Save Money on Trash & Recycling in Pennsylvania

by Global Trash Solutions

Businesses in Pennsylvania may find their prices rising for commercial recycling and trash hauling. With stringent recycling requirements in place, and problems with the recycling market nationwide, these business owners are looking for impeccable service at the lowest possible price and losing a revenue stream that once offset their waste management costs.

Commercial Recycling Requirements in Pennsylvania

The Keystone State requires all institutional, commercial, and municipal organizations to recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum, and leaf waste statewide. Individual municipalities have additional requirements, including glass, newspaper, plastic, steel, and bi-metallic cans.1

The commercial recycling requirements are laid out in Act 101 of 1988, and these requirements have been in effect for some time. In 2017 alone Pennsylvania recycled over 6.36 million tons of material.2 Why then are costs suddenly rising and rebates for recyclables drying up? These changes are caused by changes in the recycling market and the refusal of contaminated recycling by buyers internationally.

This situation drives many business owners to look for new ways to improve the value of their recycling efforts, cut costs in other areas, prevent contamination from waste disposed of in recycling bins, and find a market for clean, sorted materials. While every business is unique, there are some steps you can take to control your waste management budget moving forward.

Improving Your Waste Management Bottom Line

The waste and recycling markets throughout PA are diverse. Pennsylvania has highly competitive conditions in densely populated markets like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, which draw the interest of waste haulers and recyclers both large and small. However, conditions are different in more sparsely populated areas like Lancaster, Altoona, Hazleton, Erie, and other towns where competition may be nonexistent.

Working with a consultant and a major force in the industry like Global Trash Solutions can help your business find lower prices for garbage hauling and viable markets for your properly processed recyclable materials. GTS serves more than 2,700 accounts, providing the resources, analysis, and equipment they need to improve their processes and boost their bottom line.

GTS demystifies the waste and recycling industry, and exposes our clients’ truth in each respective market we work in. We give our clients options and let them choose the ones that best suit their business. Join the other Pennsylvania businesses saving thousands on their waste management budgets by contacting us today for a free consultation.



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