How Can my Business in Pennsylvania Save Money on Trash and Recycling?

by Global Trash Solutions

Do you know if you are getting the best possible rates for waste and recycling service at your company or commercial property? Have you gone from one trash company to another, chasing sweet promises of impeccable service and seeking the lowest possible prices, but after a time found that you were paying more than your original costs? Have you wondered how you can keep this from happening at your business in Pennsylvania?

The waste and recycling markets throughout PA are diverse in their nature. PA is latent with highly competitive conditions in densely populated markets like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, which draw the interest of waste haulers and recyclers both large and small. However, conditions are different in more sparsely populated areas like Lancaster, Altoona, Hazleton, Erie, and other towns where competition is slim to nil. In these smaller markets, it can be particularly difficult for business owners to control their costs. However, even in larger markets like Pittsburgh, trash and recycling industry leaders often employ tactics which could be seen to some as “dirty pool,” which is why so many business owners find themselves paying much more than they ever expected to when they signed on the dotted line.

Global Trash Solutions (GTS) has witnessed just about every trick in the book that the hauling industry in PA has to offer. It is for this reason (and the purchasing power we possess resulting from the 2,700 waste accounts we manage) that the expert level consultants at GTS have brought order back to the waste and recycling processes for hundreds of business owners in Pennsylvania, and are effectively saving our PA clients hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on waste and recycling service. GTS demystifies the waste and recycling industry, and exposes the truth to our clients in each respective market we work in. We give our clients options, and let them choose the one which best suits their business. Please call us today at (866) 760-8194 for a free consultation.

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