How a Business Can Reduce Trash Pick-Ups by Using a Dumpster Compactor

by Global Trash Solutions


Dumpster Compactor: You may have been walking to your car after enjoying a meal at the food court of your local mall when you noticed a large, rectangular object in the back of the building. What you saw was a piece of equipment called a dumpster compactor. Businesses everywhere are utilizing this equipment to avoid having to refill a regular dumpster several times per week. This equipment is available in many different sizes to accommodate every kind of trash from wet, sloppy restaurant waste to the trash coming out of residential buildings.

Different types of businesses have different needs when it comes to their trash service.  Most large restaurants use 15-40 cubic yard self-contained compactors because the container that holds the trash is sealed and liquid-tight, which prevents bad odor and unsightly messes. The compactors usually hold 3-4X as much trash as a traditional dumpster would which can save a business owner a lot of money, especially when they are only picked up as needed. Apartment buildings generally prefer a chute-fed dumpster compactor because residents can simply drop their trash down a chute and it goes right into the dumpster.

Global Trash Solutions offers a wide variety of equipment that fits the needs of any and all businesses. It is important for a business to weigh all of the options when deciding what the best solution is for trash removal, and the consultants at GTS are industry experts that offer unbiased advice on the most efficient and cost-effective solution for handling the garbage at all types of businesses. Many companies offer compaction equipment, but are “hands off” when it comes to helping their customers get the best price for disposal. GTS offers a complementary consulting service with the purchase of our equipment, so you will know you are getting the best rates AND the best equipment.


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