What is the Best Trash Compactor for Your Business?

by Global Trash Solutions

Different businesses have different needs, and determining the best commercial trash compactor to fit those needs is how Global Trash Solutions got our start. Today we offer indoor restaurant units, cardboard balers, apartment waste compactors, large self-contained compactors for residential and travel plaza customers, as well as pre-crushers, shredders, and more.

Waste disposal may not be on the top of your mind as you look at your budget, but most of our customers enjoy a generous ROI by purchasing the right equipment for their specific application or industry. How should you choose from the top commercial trash compactors?

Residential Apartments or Condos

There are specific models designed for apartment buildings and condos, designed to fit in tight spaces and using a trash chute configuration. A GTS apartment trash compactor can reduce labor, handling, and hauling costs while providing convenience to residents. Compacting waste also attracts fewer insects and rodents to the area, reducing complaints and costs for pest control.

Hotels, Office Buildings, and Hospitals

Depending on the volume of trash produced, commercial facilities of all types can use vertical trash compactors in a limited space. These models feature a compact and liquid-tight design and drastically reduce the volume of waste to be stored and hauled away. Models have capacities of 2-8 yards and compress waste by a factor of 3.5 to 1.

Restaurants and Food Service Facilities

Facilities where food is prepared and served typically prefer self-contained compactors to handle wet waste. These liquid tight containers come in sizes from 10-38 yards, accommodating a large volume of waste as needed. By incorporating a fluid collection chamber, these sanitary units prevent leaks, reduce odors, and limit contact with food waste.

Retail, Industrial, and Manufacturing Applications

Commercial trash compactors designed for industrial applications work well in these environments. These stationary models range from light industrial compactors with a 2-4 yard capacity, to large industrial equipment which can manage 5-15 yards of a wide variety of materials for large manufacturing plants or waste transfer stations.

Indoor Solutions for Service and Hospitality Businesses

Cruise ships, fast food restaurants, colleges, hotels, and casinos often make use of indoor trash compactors to reduce trash to a compact cube before transporting it by cart to pickup or storage areas. These units offer Kevlar coatings to protect against corrosion and prevent leaking. By turning up to 15 bags of garbage into one compact cube, hauling and storage costs can be drastically reduced.

It’s Crunch Time

When making the final decision to install a trash compactor, it is important to consult with the right team of experts before deciding what type of waste management equipment will be best for your company. Global Trash Solutions is focused on finding the most economical choices for all of our customers. We also offer consultation, waste audits, and cost negotiation as part of our package, so you can rest assured that you are always getting the best rates possible. Contact us today.

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