What is the Best Trash Compactor for My High-Rise Building?

by Global Trash Solutions

From high-rise office buildings to multi-level apartment complexes, waste disposal systems are designed to manage the vertical movement of solid waste in very limited space. Installing the best building garbage compactor and chute system for your facility offers financial and safety benefits for building owners and residents alike.

The Challenges of High-Rise Waste Disposal

There are many challenges to effectively moving, compacting, and storing the garbage produced by a high-rise building. Perhaps you have inherited an inadequate trash compactor in an apartment building, hotel, or office facility, and are facing problems like these:

  • Overflowing containers despite weekly garbage collection
  • Smelly, unattractive waste management areas that attract pests
  • Residents carrying or wheeling garbage through the hallways and in elevators
  • Extra fees and charges from your trash hauling company due to improper use of containers
  • Plugged or obstructed trash chutes requiring constant maintenance

Many residential and commercial properties around the U.S. are facing these problems. High costs associated with inefficient trash service scheduling or inappropriate container types plague property management firms. High-rise compactors are not often recommended by waste haulers, whose primary goal is to make a profit rather than presenting their clients’ residential buildings as shining examples of low-cost, impeccably clean garbage service.

Benefits of Chute Fed High-Rise Compactors

By delivering trash directly to the compactor using a chute system, a building garbage compactor improves aesthetics, minimizes fire hazards, enhances security, and lowers waste handling costs. The consultants at Global Trash Solutions can help you design and plan construction for installing a chute-fed compactor system like these:

  • Apartment Trash Compactors. Designed for tight spaces, these units can be set up with vertical chutes, ground feed hoppers, and side latches for simplified container removal.
  • Vertical Trash Compactors. These units can utilize different container sizes and grow with your facility. The vertical model is small in size and liquid-tight to prevent leaks. It can be set up for ground loading, through the wall, or by a vertical chute system.
  • X-Press Pack Compactors. The X-Press compactor offers tight compression of industrial units in a self-contained and smaller size that does not require concrete pads, anchors, or channel guides. It can be hopper-fed, loaded from the ground, or chute-fed.

The Best Waste Management Equipment for Your Building

Global Trash Solutions specializes in providing the most economical building garbage compactor for high-rise offices, condos, and apartments. We can even customize compaction equipment to fit tight space restrictions. We offer chute-fed and hopper-fed compactors and indoor trash compactors that allow for transportation and disposal of trash in traditional dumpsters. No matter what your current trash arrangement is, we can make it better. Please contact us today for a free quote on a custom-designed waste management system.

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