What is the Best Trash Compactor for My High-Rise Building?

by Global Trash Solutions

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  • Do you own or manage a condominium, apartment building, or high-rise building?
  • Are you facing a dilemma that involves a multitude of residents and a very limited amount of space to store or dispose of their trash?
  • Do you have space for trash containers, but think there may be a better way to deal with residential trash service than having multiple large dumpsters that residents have to drag their garbage to?
  • Does the smell or unsightly trash management system for your property hinder your property’s aesthetics?
  • Have residents complained about the sound or times of the garbage trucks coming onto your property to empty the trash multiple times per week?

Many residential properties around the U.S. are facing such problems. High costs associated with having inefficient trash service scheduling or inappropriate container types for your properties’ applications are many times overlooked by the property management firms or construction companies who arrange for your initial trash service. Most recommendations for your service originate directly from waste haulers, whose prerogative by and large is to make a profit rather than presenting their clients’ residential buildings as shining examples of low-cost, impeccably clean garbage service.

Once your properties are built and filled with residents, your garbage service will run its course, potentially racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in extraneous costs due to haphazard planning and execution. The amount of time required to evaluate your properties’ waste stream and to center service around their specific needs are paramount to getting the best-priced and most efficient service, and time is a valuable commodity in our day and age.

Global Trash Solutions specializes in providing the most economical and overall best trash compactor for high-rise buildings, condos, and apartment buildings. We can even customize compaction equipment to fit tight space restrictions. We offer chute-fed and hopper-fed compactors, as well as indoor trash compactors that allow for transportation and disposal of trash in traditional dumpsters. No matter what the current trash arrangement is, we can help. Please contact us today for a free quote at (866) 760-8194.

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