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What Are the Benefits of Using a Waste Consultant in South Carolina?


Do you own a business or commercial property in South Carolina? Have you investigated the resources available to help you save money on waste and recycling service, or do you rely on you own company’s resources to try to keep these costs down? Have you ever noticed that your trash and recycling costs are constantly on the rise? How can you ever know if you are getting the best deal, or will continue to get the best deal? Do you encounter service issues week after week that seem to never get resolved no matter what you do? Do you know what recourse you have in that situation?

South Carolina is a particularly diverse marketplace for waste and recycling service, with coastal towns like Charleston and Myrtle Beach being highly seasonal, places like Columbia where the economy relies partially on university students and the thriving downtown atmosphere, and areas like Spartanburg and Greenville, which are largely dependent on locals and travelers for economic stability. One common thread is that businesses in all of these cities and towns have benefitted from Waste Consulting services.

While many of the haulers in South Carolina offer the familiar warmth and southern hospitality that make SC such a great place, they follow the same price-increase practices mandated by corporate as their counterparts in other parts of the US. They often recommend services that are inefficient or just plain unnecessary to their customers because they make more money this way.

As a result of these reasons and others, many South Carolina businesses are turning to Global Trash Solutions (GTS) for help in lowering their waste expenses by means of leveraging GTS’ relationships within the industry. In South Carolina, GTS clients benefit from becoming a network of over 2.600 businesses and counting, at least 80 of which are located in SC. We know most of the local vendors as well as WM, Republic, and they are always happy to hear from us because we give them opportunities they might otherwise miss out on. We also take a top-down approach when it comes to customer service, so you can be sure your trash vendors are held accountable for service issues at all times.

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of our services without any initial investment and a 10% minimum savings guarantee (average is 40% savings in SC within 60 days of enrollment) please call us today at (866) 760-8194.