What Are the Benefits of Using Commercial Balers for Recycling?

by Global Trash Solutions

Commercial balers offer many benefits to large and small businesses with recyclables in their waste stream. If your grocery store, retail chain, furniture warehouse, manufacturing facility, or stockroom produces enough cardboard and other recyclables to fill more than one dumpster per week, you may find that purchasing a baler will pay for itself very quickly.

This brings the other benefits of baling cardboard and recyclables to your store or facility at no additional cost. Consider these baler benefits:

Rapid Return on Investment

If you have ever witnessed a hay baler or cardboard baler in operation, you have seen the tightly compressed and bundled rectangles they create. Recycling balers can create similar cubes of all types of recycling waste. Bales of clean corrugated cardboard, plastic, and fabric are much more valuable than loose materials, so many businesses begin to realize financial benefits of recycling within months of purchasing a recycling baler or upgrading their existing systems.

Saving Time and Storage Space

Compressed cardboard on the territory plant of the recycling in bales

Commercial recycling balers can handle entire boxes or a load of plastic bottles without additional prep or tearing down by your employees. The tightly bundled recycling bales are easy to stack, store, and have value to vendors. Often bales are picked up free or even result in a rebate, allowing your business to finally see the promised economic benefits of recycling.

Enhancing Health and Safety

Compressed bales are cleaner than loose or bagged materials, which is why loose piles of cardboard, plastic, and fabrics are often considered “contaminated” and do not make it to the recycling plant. Bales produce less dust, spills, odors, and pests in your facility. Baling also reduces the risk of fire, and offers a neat, orderly, and environmentally conscious image to your customers and guests.

Complying with Commercial Waste Management Regulations

Additional benefits of recycling include sending less material to the landfill, which reduces your waste hauling and landfill tax cost. Many communities have pre-treatment legislation which requires specific handling of recyclables and baling your separated materials will help you comply with these regulations.

Protecting the Environment and Your Business Reputation

Recycling benefits the environment and using a commercial baler for recyclable materials helps ensure that they are, in fact, recycled. Visitors, customers, and inspectors want to see responsible handling of recyclable materials and having a baler in operation shows your company’s dedication to being green. In addition, using a baler to compact waste by approximately 60% means fewer pickups, causing less pollution from diesel trash hauling trucks.

Finding Vendors to Purchase or Pick Up Baled Recycling

Bale of cardboard ready for recycling

Partnering with Global Trash Solutions can not only provide the best recycling balers with affordable financing, some businesses save money without spending out of pocket for a commercial baler. The savings on hauling and available rebates for baled cardboard alone may add up to more than the monthly payment.

Recyclable materials which can be baled include:

  • Cardboard, cartons, boxes, and paper
  • Clothes, textiles, and fabrics
  • Plastics of all types
  • E-waste, which includes computer parts and electronic equipment
  • Non-ferrous metals, like aluminum, copper, nickel, and lead
  • Some wood, tires, and other recyclable waste products your business might produce

GTS has vendor partners all over the US who offer free pickup and rebates for baled recyclables, which is far more cost-effective than paying $300-$400 to have it hauled away. Please  contact or call us today to find out more about our top-of-line baling equipment. We will guide you through the entire process, set you up with a trustworthy vendor who will give you the best possible rebate for your baled recyclables, and help your business enjoy the many financial benefits of recycling.

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