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What are the Benefits of Using Commercial Balers for Recycling?

ID-100184116-199x300Do you own a grocery store, retail chain, furniture warehouse, manufacturing facility, or stockroom that produces enough cardboard to fill more than one dumpster per week? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of cardboard packaging material that lines the floor of your facility’s offloading area after you receive a large shipment? Do you pay over $130.00 per month to have cardboard dumped?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you should probably consider purchasing a cardboard baler for your business. Balers are the most environmentally responsible solution for large volume cardboard-producers. It is estimated that for every loose cardboard dumpster emptied, 2.5 pounds of diesel air pollution are generated. Also, most haulers will not reveal this, but much of what they pick up is considered “contaminated” by the time it reaches their sort facilities, and is dumped in landfills even if it is labeled as “recycling.”

In addition to being the most sustainable, “green” solution for handling cardboard in large volumes, balers have many other benefits. Balers save companies time and labor cost because their employees no longer have to break down boxes. Instead, they can simply throw whole boxes into the baler and run a bale cycle. Most industrial balers compress cardboard by at least 60% in volume, leaving behind a dense cube which can be easily ejected onto pallets and stored neatly prior to pick up. Your warehouse will no longer look like a living room after a kid’s birthday party every time you receive a delivery!

For many businesses, cardboard balers are economical in addition to being practical. This is especially true if your recycling hauler charges very much to have your cardboard picked up each week. Bales of clean, corrugated cardboard are much more valuable than loose cardboard, so many businesses realize a return on investment within just a few months of purchasing a baler. Through financing options, Global Trash Solutions has made it possible for some businesses to save money without coming out of pocket for the a baler, because the savings on cardboard hauls and rebates for cardboard add up to more than the monthly finance charge. Baled cardboard currently sells for approximately $50.00 per ton (the price of baled cardboard ranges between $35.00-$70.00 USD per ton depending on market conditions.) GTS has vendor partners all over the US who offer free pick-up and rebates for baled cardboard, which is certainly more cost-effective than paying $300.00-$400.00 to have it hauled away. Please call us today to find out more about our top-of-line baling equipment. We will guide you through the entire process and set you up with a trustworthy vendor who will give you the best possible rebate for your baled cardboard.

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