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When is it Appropriate to Use a Waste Consultant?

iStock_000023869205XSmallMany businesses today consider using a waste consultant as a means to save time and money and streamline their waste removal processes. Waste brokers are third parties that govern all of the waste removal processes for a business’s individual locations. For example, if a company owns twelve locations in the greater Houston area, each location may use a different vendor for waste removal. This means the facilities manager has to sign individual contracts with vendors specific to each area. Hiring a waste consultant can simplify waste removal for a company because the waste broker takes care of contracting vendors to pick up the trash and recyclables at the companies individual locations. Some brokers offer additional services such as grease trap pick up and hazardous waste services.

Some Waste Consultants are more in tune with the individual markets they represent than others. While hiring a broker to handle the trash service does have some merit, it can be a gamble because the company loses its ability to participate in the selection process when deciding which trash and recycling vendors to use for which locations. That means if the broker decides to use a vendor that leaves the corral gates open, has old, rusty dumpsters, or leaves trash on the ground after dumping the trash, the customer cannot call the trash hauler directly to complain.

Global Trash Solutions is the category leader in waste consulting field. We work to optimize the waste management aspect of your business and provide the most cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions to your waste disposal needs. Through landfill diversion, we can lower your costs and reduce your impact on the environment. In contrast to the typical broker, we are totally transparent with our billing and allow you to maintain control of the selection process when it comes to waste and recycling vendors.