8 Things Only Experts Know About Waste Brokerage

by Global Trash Solutions

Every business is responsible for handling waste and recycling collection, whether they have professional experience in trash collection or not. Working directly with municipal trash collectors and waste haulers has its challenges. A waste broker can set up your business with waste haulers and coordinate these services for you. Few business owners truly understand the process, but here are 8 expert facts from behind the scenes of waste management companies.

1. A Waste Broker Is a Middleman

Dumpsters being full with garbage

The broker itself doesn’t manage waste collection. It serves as the middleman between clients looking for waste hauling services and professional waste companies that can manage the handling, storage, and processing of waste. On the other hand, coordinating all these yourself can be stressful and time-consuming.

2. The Pricing Is Competitive

Working with different waste hauling businesses, a broker affords access to various services at a single price. The brokerage bids on the best waste haulers for your needs. It may also offer various service levels and perform expert market analyses. Seasonal fluctuations may be considered as well.

3. Service Consolidation Buffers Against Location-Based Price Variability

Pricing with waste haulers can be more or less optimal, depending on where in the U.S. your business is. This creates a risk that you are significantly overpaying for services. Because brokers work with networks of local and regional haulers, they can consolidate services and offer more favorable pricing packages based on your needs, not location.

4. Billing Is Consolidated

Waste management brokers consolidate all of your locations and services on one invoice; therefore simplifying everything for you. You’ll receive a single statement each month instead of stacks of bills from a bunch of different providers.

5. Brokers Can Focus on Waste Management Policies

A waste management broker is highly knowledgeable in their field. They can systematically review waste management policies and adapt them to be efficient and cost-effective. Familiar with methods of waste disposal/storage you might not know, the broker can find the top professionals for each aspect of the process.

6. Coordinates Services Across Multiple Locations

If your business operates in multiple locations, coordinating with multiple haulers can be challenging. The paperwork, alone, can be overwhelming. A broker serves as a single point of contact, so you do not have to navigate multiple lines of communication with different haulers.

7. Resource Management

Hand turning knob to select the lowest waste level

Working with a broker not only helps in saving money. It can reduce the resources consumed by your business. Brokerages can help streamline waste removal processes and create a practical trash pickup schedule. They can also address regulatory issues, so your company complies with all applicable guidelines.

8. Brokering Waste Removal Saves Money

At Global Trash Solutions, we can cut 30-40% off your waste and recycling costs. Our goal is to find the most effective ways to manage paper, plastic, textile, metal, wood, medical, and industrial waste and recycling. Serving a wide range of industries, we offer 24/7 customer service, as well as waste consulting, auditing, and reduction services that similar waste companies don’t. Call 866-760-8194 for a free consultation.

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