5 Signs Trash Compactors Need to Be Repaired or Replaced

by Global Trash Solutions

Compactors are like any other machine. They need regular maintenance, and they often have to have certain parts replaced or repaired every now and then. This is especially true for compactors that are frequently used. The more they are used, the more maintenance and commercial compactor repair they require.

Commercial compactor repair

Neglect of Maintenance

If you don’t have a maintenance schedule for your compactor, then you can assume that something is going to break, which could have been prevented with preventative maintenance. From cleaning around electrical areas to prevent the buildup of dust and corrosion, to checking and maintaining grease and fluid levels, the compactor that is neglected is the compactor that needs frequent repairs.

Electrical Issues

If a compactor seems to not have enough power, or has issues starting, there may be an electrical issue. When the proper contacts are not made, it can create a loss of power in the machine entirely or in certain components. Inspecting all electrical wiring and contact areas is a must to ensure your unit is working properly.

Hydraulic Pressure

Hydraulics vary in how they function, but they all use pressure to compact materials. When they lack fluid, they are not able to create or maintain the proper amount of pressure to compact materials. Check for leaks, loose fittings, and connectors that may need to be replaced.

Hydraulic Pressure

Loss of Power or Operation

Parts do wear out, from time to time, and they can cause the motor to malfunction, or the compactor to lack in the power or ability to compact items. Start at the motor and work your way over the machine, looking for loose parts, or fragments of parts. Inspect the wear bar and grease rail, but also any welds and anchors.


From time to time someone may vandalize an outdoor machine. Before you assume the issue is operational, inspect the area for signs of vandalism of your commercial waste compactor. Look for broken glass, tops to cans, spray paint, and any foreign objects that might happen to be in the area. Be sure to stop all power to the machine before looking at any of the internal components. Once you are able to get a look inside, inspect the area for foreign objects or markings.

If you’re still at a loss as to why your compactor is not functioning properly, it’s likely time to call in the professionals at Global Trash Solutions for advice. Give us a call toll free anytime at 866-760-8194.

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