5 Reasons You Should Rent Your Trash Compactor

by Global Trash Solutions

Many business owners know the benefits of owning a commercial trash compactor and how it can reduce the amount of waste that must be stored and hauled away from your facility. While the initial investment and ongoing maintenance can be intimidating, it makes sense for many businesses to rent a compactor instead of buying one.

Why rent an industrial trash compactor? Let’s consider the reasons for this popular and cost-effective choice for large and small businesses.

The Power of Trash Compactors

Modern trash compactors are essential to effective waste management for businesses and industries nationwide. By using a hydraulic ram that reduces the amount of waste to the smallest possible volume, companies save money on their commercial waste handling costs.

Using a trash compactor, or recycling baler for recycled materials, improves efficiency, lowers pickup frequency, and provides a viable storage solution across a wide range of industries. The benefits to business are well known, but what are the reasons to rent your commercial trash compactor?

Why Choose Compactor Rental Instead of Financing?

  1. Decrease your upfront costs. By choosing a reputable and reliable compactor rental program, you can keep your liquidity and have the newest equipment on the floor faster.
  2. Stay flexible and adaptable. Start saving money on trash hauling right away, and keep the ability to upgrade or downgrade your equipment based on seasonal cycles or the growth of your business. Compactor rentals mean you won’t be stuck with a piece of equipment that can’t handle your volume, or paying off a stationary compactor when you now need a smaller, more mobile type of compactor.
  3. Save on taxes by writing off trash compactor rental as an operational expense, rather than depreciating the value of the equipment over time. Your accountant can advise you on the tax benefits and might also prefer the steady nature of equipment rental, which is a fixed and predictable cost.
  4. Eliminate maintenance costs and unexpected repair expenses. When you use a reliable rental program from a trusted partner like GTS, you can call for trained maintenance and service whenever you need it. Repair and replacement don’t become catastrophic expenses that blow your bottom line when you rent your commercial trash compactor.
  5. Stay compliant in a changing regulatory environment. Older trash compactors may not have the required safety equipment that is required for your business or industry. Local green initiatives might require you to document your compliance or upgrade your equipment. When you rent your compactor or baler, you can upgrade to meet the latest standards and rest assured knowing that your modern equipment is safe for employees to use.

Industries That Benefit from Renting Waste Management Equipment

While almost any business or rental facility can benefit from sourcing their equipment from a rental company that specializes in commercial waste management, some industries are more likely to choose rental over equipment investment. These include:

  • Food service and beverage industries that must manage a high volume of waste and comply with hygiene standards and compliance inspections
  • Retail stores and chains that need to save space in storage areas and dispose of a large volume of recyclable packing materials
  • Manufacturing companies that must handle bulk waste materials that may have commercial value while ensuring worker safety while handling and baling a wide variety of materials
  • Healthcare facilities, hospitals, clinics, and veterinary offices that need specialized compactors to comply with medical and hazardous waste handling and equipment to effectively divert non-hazardous waste to keep incineration or sterilization costs under control

Commercial trash compactors

Gain Access to Experts in Your Industry

Another reason to find out more about commercial trash compactor rental is to gain access to a nationwide network of waste management consultants and brokers with expertise in your industry. Contact Global Trash Solutions today for a free consultation to find out what equipment and best practices make the most sense for your business.

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