5 Reasons to Consider a Waste Management Audit

by Global Trash Solutions

A waste audit, which assesses the waste stream of your business or facility, involves recording and analyzing crucial data. It considers the type of waste, its weight, and its volume to determine whether your process is efficient or is causing your business to lose value. This is especially important when it comes to opportunities to expose hidden problems and save money.

With a waste management audit, you can see a range of benefits, including these five:

1. Uncovers Ways to Recycle

The information a waste audit reveals can be invaluable when you consider what can be recycled, including paper, plastic, glass, and metal. Not only can you find ways to cut down on waste disposal, but you can get more use out of materials that can be reused. Packing materials are one example; by reusing these, you already have what you need instead of purchasing more.

2. Reduced Costs

When less is thrown out, you might pay lower fees for hauling away waste, but there are many other areas where you can save. We conduct a thorough analysis to produce a savings report, which may include various options and recommendations to improve your bottom line. Completing a waste audit provides full insights into how much and what types of waste your business produces and where to cut waste management costs with, for example, an organization-wide recycling program.

3. Reveals More Accurate Insights

A professional waste audit reveals accurate data that you otherwise might not get. You get a clearer picture of your solid waste management operations. Without accurate data, billing procedures can get thrown off, increasing costs, and your organization may pay higher fees than necessary. A waste management audit can also effectively help renegotiate a waste removal contract.

4. Finds Ways to Reduce Waste

Generating less waste is one of the best ways to reduce costs. For example, paper waste can be reduced by relying more on electronic documents. Manufacturing and materials purchasing practices can be refined, using recommendations provided by a waste management consultant. From reusable cups to washing, repairing, or refurbishing furniture, appliances, and supplies, you can benefit from an audit and reduce waste.

5. Compliance, Certification, and Legal Benefits

Hand turning knob to select the lowest waste level, grey and blue tones

Waste audits can supply information that’s required for regulatory compliance reporting. They can also be useful in meeting certification standards, such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). You can even follow LEED guidelines for collecting recyclables and conserving energy and water. A waste audit also ensures your business complies with local laws to avoid fines and penalties.

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