3 Clear Signs Your Compactor Needs Repair

by Global Trash Solutions

A trash compactor is a useful tool to reduce waste. Just like any mechanical system, though, it may eventually need repairs. A commercial garbage compactor endures high usage day after day. A breakdown can significantly disrupt business. Here are three signs you need to seek compactor repair from a company like Global Trash Solutions, so your waste handling operations can be restored.

1. The System Doesn’t Turn On

People often think their trash compactor must be replaced if it doesn’t turn on. However, the problem may be quite simple. The start switch may be faulty or the safety switch may have failed. These are common trash compactor problems that can be easily fixed. Other causes can be directional switch, drive motor, or foot pedal problems, as well as corroded switch contacts.

If the unit isn’t working, check its wiring schematic and test switch continuity with a multimeter. The motor can be examined by first shutting off the power, disconnecting the motor, and removing it from the compactor. Check the motor windings and centrifugal switch for continuity. The directional switch can be tested in this way too. If you’re unfamiliar with these techniques, it’s best to have a professional inspect and repair your compactor.

2. The Panel Is Stuck

Don’t try to force the door open if it won’t budge. This can cause even more damage, which can be quite costly to fix. Perhaps there is debris in the way, but the reason can be mechanical. The rollers may be damaged; in some cases, they may just need to be lubricated. Another culprit can be the foot pedal mounting screws, which can become loose or damaged, causing the pedal to become misaligned.

You can prevent a waste compactor from getting stuck by cleaning it often or clearing out any blockages. If the door won’t open, see if any trash has built up. Cleaning it out can get the door to open again if this is the only reason for the problem.

3. The Unit Is Noisy or Smells

Noise doesn’t always mean you need equipment repair. Trash compactors always make noise when they’re running. If your system becomes louder than normal or the nature of the sound it makes changes, it’s time to call a technician to inspect it. Unusual noise often means the trash compactor is damaged or a component needs to be replaced.

Trash inherently develops odors over time. Your trash compactor may start to smell, too, but this can usually be resolved by cleaning it very thoroughly. Unplug the unit or cut the power first. Then clean out any debris and give the inside of the system a good cleaning. Antibacterial agents are best for trash compactors.

Call Global Trash Solutions for Compactor Repair Service

We specialize in trash compactor repair and sales to ensure your business benefits from commercial waste reduction. Balers and compactors are essential for waste management. When you notice your system isn’t working right, our repair service will get your compactor working again within 24 hours. Call 866-760-8194 today!

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