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Businesses around the country are saving between 30%-80% on their waste and recycling costs within the first month of enrolling with our services. Contact Us for a free waste evaluation so you can start saving money immediately!

About Global Trash Solutions

Global Trash Solutions (GTS) is a unique waste consulting firm that has made a name for itself in the United States.

Established in January, 2008, GTS has made it a goal to not only change the way businesses handle their waste, but to make the communities and areas we live in environmentally friendly and clean.

Many business owners believe that the cost of waste disposal is a fixed utility that they have absolutely no control over, but nothing could be further from the truth. Hauling companies will usually not educate their clients as to how they can save money through waste disposal. As a result, most businesses are overpaying for waste disposal services. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise: the waste removal industry is very profitable. The old saying, “There is money in garbage” may appear laughable to the uninformed, but we have made this saying reality.


After doing some research, I contacted Global Trash Solutions in 2009. After my consultation, I purchased one machine. After a couple of months we were saving so much money that I purchased ten more of them. Global Trash Solutions truly offers some of the best ways for businesses to save on waste and recycling costs. I would recommend using their services to anyone looking to increase profitability. Not only will Global Trash Solutions find ways to save you money but they will address any service problems or questions you may have promptly.

Lori, Calabasas, CA

I contacted GTS a year ago to find out if they might be able to help me. They showed me how to save money on my waste bills by compacting my garbage. I installed a compacter and let them take over the management of waste billing. My monthly garbage bill was greatly reduced and I saw savings right away. I never realized what a huge potential there was for savings in this area - l always assumed waste expenses were just another utility like Water or electric. Global Trash Solutions revealed the truth about my waste expenses.

Dave, Springdale, AZ


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